EMPIRE BREAKS 将经典采样鼓的永恒精髓融入令人振奋的 Play 系列乐器中,释放出黄金时代嘻哈音乐的节奏感。每一个踢点、拍子、嗵嗵鼓和鼓点都是从全新的古董风格鼓录音中捕捉的,经过经典设备处理,并提供多个速度层,让套件听起来完全自然。你可以用老式方式现场演奏节拍,也可以从一系列定制模式中提取节拍,然后通过一系列易于使用的宏控制,为你的酒吧、boombox 带来额外的节奏、凹槽和摇摆感。

深入挖掘黄金时代的 boom bap 鼓点;强劲的踢脚、坚实的军鼓和清脆的帽子


解锁 480 种节奏模式,可在任何 DAW 中通过 MIDI 拖放进行编辑

Play 系列的一部分: 音质出色的预置和直观界面的实时控制

运行此库需要 KONTAKT PLAYER/FULL v7.6 或更高版本


v1.1.0 2024-01-10

更改 Kontakt 最低版本要求为 7.6


添加了可在特效页面使用的新特效(Maximizer、Bite、Dirt、Freak、Tape Warble、Ring Modulator、Vibrato/Chorus、PsycheDelay、Twin Delay、Raum)



EMPIRE BREAKS packs the timeless essence of classic, sample-based drums into an inspiring Play Series instrument that unlocks the rhythmic sound of golden-era hip hop. Every kick, clap, tom, and hat is captured from brand-new, vintage-style drum recordings, processed with classic gear, and delivered with multiple velocity layers for kits that sound totally natural. Play beats live the old-school way, or draw from a range of custom-made patterns, then dial in extra grit, groove, and swing with a range of easy-to-use macro controls for bodega-dwelling, boombox-blasting beats.


Dig deep into golden-era boom bap drums; punchy kicks, solid snares, and crispy hats

Layer big bass, orchestral stacks, off-kilter keys, and game-changing hybrid textures

Unlock 480 groove patterns that can be edited in any DAW with MIDI drag and drop

Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control with an intuitive interface

You need KONTAKT PLAYER/FULL v7.6 or higher in order to run this library

Release Notes

v1.1.0 2024-01-10

CHANGED Minimum required Kontakt version is 7.6

ADDED Support for NKS2 navigation

ADDED New effects available on FX page (Maximizer, Bite, Dirt, Freak, Tape Warble, Ring Modulator, Vibrato/Chorus, PsycheDelay, Twin Delay, Raum)

FIXED Soundsource previws would play an correct sound in some cases

FIXED Various other minor bugs