Hybrid Tools Vol. 1 is our second hybrid scoring tool and the logical extension to our previous Rhythmic Aura release.
混合工具Vol. 1是我们的第二个混合计分工具和逻辑扩展到我们之前的节奏Aura释放。

Hybrid Tools is hyper flexible and intuitive scoring tool designed to give a modern sound to your compositions.

The instrument contains 38 different core banks of hybrid scoring tools from hybrid rhythms to transforming metals, motion picture boom drones to sick, sick mega-horns, cinematic synths to impacts, phat downers to wild risers, crescendo and decrescendo FX, screaming distortions etc.
该乐器包含38个不同的核心银行混合评分工具从混合节奏转换金属,电影繁荣雄风到生病,生病的巨型喇叭,电影合成器的影响,phat downers到狂野的上升,渐强和渐弱的FX,尖叫扭曲等。

The library contains over 900 different musical sound designs in 38 core banks – covering all the essential elements used in contemporary hybrid scoring.

The library is using a highly advanced, yet ultra intuitive layout that essentially allows you to control most things from your keyboard.

The bottom part of the keyboard controls the pitch of the sounds.

The mid part of the keyboard controls the sounds themselves.

The upper part of the keyboard gives you real-time control over all the effects, including distortion, phaser, flanger, lofi, convolution reverb, delay, lowpass, hipass and several other effects.

In addition we also added a grain (bit-resolution) to the pitchbender and filter to the modwheel – giving you an extreme amount of controls right at your finger tips.
此外,我们还添加了一个颗粒(位分辨率)的俯仰弯曲和过滤器的modwheel -给你一个极端数量的控制就在你的指尖。

Meta-data is an integrated part of Hybrid Tools.

The entire library comes in open 44.1/24 Bit Format and all meta-data comes ready-made for Soundminer etc.

Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later required
需要完整零售版的Kontakt 4.2或更高版本