When it was released, the original DBX 165A® was a compressor unlike any other.
当它发布时,最初的DBX 165A®是一个不同于任何其他压缩机。

Rather than the more traditional vacuum tube, it used a solid-state VCA to create its compression effect, and cutting-edge RMS dynamics detection.

It also sounded great, which is the important thing!

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find working originals, but their legendary sound-shaping power is still highly sought-after.

Now, thanks to Arturia’s advanced TAE® modelling, you can enjoy using this fabled compressor in your DAW, on as many channels as you want, and with advanced features only possible through software.

Unlike the more common DBX 160, the 165A® sported several unique features that made it a “must have” for studios looking for tight, punchy percussive sounds.
不像更常见的DBX 160, 165A®运动的几个独特的功能,使它成为一个“必须有”的工作室寻找紧密,有力的打击声音。

Known as the “Over Easy” compressor, its auto attack-decay detection made great compression simple, its harsh peakstop limiter added a touch of vintage filth when things really hit hard, and its unique compression sound gives even extreme settings a natural feel.
被称为“Over Easy”的压缩机,它的自动攻击衰减检测使伟大的压缩变得简单,它的苛刻的峰值停止限制器在事情真正严重的时候添加了一种古老的污垢,它独特的压缩声音即使是极端的设置也给人一种自然的感觉。

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use compressor with character, you’ll love Comp VCA-65.
如果你正在寻找一款易于使用的压缩机,你会喜欢Comp VCA-65。

Some notes about the plugins – testing in Ableton Live 10 some of the VST3 plugins crash when you delete them from a track, this is a problem for legit users too.
关于插件的一些注意事项——在Ableton Live 10中测试一些VST3插件时,当你从轨道中删除它们时,它们会崩溃,这对合法用户也是一个问题。

VST and AU are not affected despite the AU wrapping the VST3 plugin – more reason to just switch to AU full time so you can use Live 10.1.4 too.
VST和AU不受影响,尽管AU包装了VST3插件-更多的理由只是切换到AU全职,这样你也可以使用Live 10.1.4。

AAX is working as it is wrapping the VST3 in Library/Arturia/PRODUCT NAME.
AAX正在工作,因为它将VST3包装在Library/Arturia/PRODUCT NAME中。

Do not remove Arturia Software Center.

Make sure to read instructions carefully – CASHMERE