我们最受欢迎的产品变得更加精致! 由 20 人组成的室内合唱团在 Sofia Session Studio(我们在同一大厅录制 Afflatus 和 Next Gen 合唱团系列)中使用三个麦克风位置进行录制。 全新的录音移植到强大的 Syllabuilder 引擎中,为您提供对音节、变形、创建新单词和和弦真实连奏的最高控制。

在我们的下一代合唱团系列(Wotan、Freyja、Arva、Rhodope 2)取得成功后,我们不可避免地必须升级 Storm Choir(我们最受欢迎的合唱团库),以便与我们其他合唱团库保持同步,并 具有相同的特征。 因此,我们重新录制了所有内容,但这次的合奏规模稍大一些 – 每部分 10 名歌手(男/女)负责音节,每部分 6 名歌手负责连奏。 我们再次牢记同样的想法——用夸张的颤音唱歌,通常声音很大。 我们在三个动态层中重新录制了 Storm Choir 2 的所有 24 个音节,可通过调制轮 (CC#1) 进行控制。

性能补丁 – 几秒钟内即可获得史诗般的音效!
最初的 Storm Choir 所擅长的是可访问性,并在几秒钟内获得史诗般的合唱台词。 对于 Storm Choir Ultimate,我们采用了最初的概念,并通过性能补丁将其推向了新的极限。 该补丁允许您通过对录音进行自定义编辑来即时演奏合唱台词,使它们极具可演奏性,同时保持其有机和原始的音调。

在男性和女性部分的不同映射之间进行选择,以进一步提高可玩性并使结果适合您的赛道需求。 我们构建了这个补丁,因此它允许您选择演奏预先安排在八度音阶中的合唱团,分为单独的部分或考虑到自然重叠的范围。

我们的速度动态影响器允许您通过速度确定单个和弦音符的响度,这使得突出显示和弦中的某些音符比以往更容易,而 Modwheel CC1 仍然控制自然动态层之间的交叉淡入淡出。 两者的结合极大地增强了常规键盘演奏的表现力。

如果您曾经寻找过“首选”史诗合唱团补丁。 就是这个!

教学大纲引擎 3.5
当谈到虚拟合唱团时,基本上有两种方法:Phrasebulding(Storm Choir 遗产系列)和 Wordbuilding(Rhodope 遗产系列)。 Storm Choir Ultimate 将短语构建的简单性和示例记录与单词构建的高级编辑功能结合在一起,就像我们的下一代合唱团库一样。 这使您可以在几秒钟内获得令人惊叹的发声结果,而且只需点击几下鼠标即可构建和创建新的样本内容(将多个音节组合在一起,将它们保存为预设,在元音之间变形,将断奏和延音组合在一起等。 )。

所有样本都包含其自然攻击。 但是,如果您想加强它们,Syllabuilder 引擎允许您独立设置每个字段的自定义起音、释放、音量和偏移值。 所有乐句构建合唱团库中都遗漏了一些全新的东西。

您还可以在 GUI 内创建完整的合唱模式,或者连接不同的音节并变形它们,为您的合唱团编排添加动感。 保存并加载完整的歌词预设,以快速进入实际的创作或使用预定义的快速单词增强您的设置。

与我们的其他库一样,Storm Choir Ultimate 也具有真正的连奏音色,可以毫无问题地进行复调演奏,也没有复杂的额外要求 – 您只需演奏您脑海中的音乐,无需担心其他任何事情。 此外,我们的 Syllabuilder 引擎还具有 Agile 连奏功能,让您可以选择切断音节的开头辅音,并以连奏形式再次以复调方式执行它们。 我们的智能语音引导只需一个补丁就能实现复调书写。 换句话说:用左手按住和弦,用右手演奏旋律,然后将所有内容与连奏过渡连接起来。 这一强大的功能可以通过所有 MIDI CC 控制器中最常见的延音踏板进行控制。

在我们发布 Storm Choir 2 后,很多用户要求提供主唱作为独奏者音色 – 这就是为什么我们选择了音色最独特的那些并将它们纳入库中 – 总共 8 位独奏者,数量有限 音节(12 个而不是 24 个),您可以单独使用,也可以作为库的“配音” – 将其视为歌手的“第一把椅子”库。

该库还有一个专门的 FX 部分,以耳语(两种动态 – 轻柔耳语和“戏剧”耳语)、喊叫、集群(多种动态、音域和元音)和传统效果为特色。

Our most popular product ever got even more refined! A 20-piece chamber choir recorded with three microphone positions in Sofia Session Studio (the same hall where we recorded our Afflatus and Next Gen choir series). Completely new recordings ported within the powerful Syllabuilder engine, giving you the highest control possible on syllables, morphing, creating new words and polyphonic true legato.


It was inevitable that after the success of our Next Gen choir series (Wotan, Freyja, Arva, Rhodope 2) we had to upgrade Storm Choir (our most popular choir library) to be up to date with the rest of our choral libraries and to have the same features. Therefore we re-recorded everything, but this time with slightly bigger ensembles – 10 singers per section (men/women) for the syllables and 6 singers per section for the legatos. Again, we kept the same idea in mind – singing with exaggerated vibrato, over the top and generally – very loud. We re-recorded all 24 syllables of Storm Choir 2 in three dynamic layers, controllable with mod wheel (CC#1).


Something the original Storm Choir excelled at was accessibility and getting epic sounding choir lines within seconds. For Storm Choir Ultimate we took the original concept and pushed it to new limits with the Performance patch. This patch allows you to perform your choir lines on the fly due to custom edits of the recordings to make them extremely playable, while maintaining their organic and raw tone.

Choose between different mappings of the men and women section to increase the playability even further and fit the outcome to the needs of your track. We built this patch, so it allows you to choose between playing the choir pre-arranged in octaves, divided into separate sections or with the natural overlapping ranges in mind.

Our Velocity Dynamic Influencer allows you to determine the loudness of single chord notes by velocity, which makes highlighting certain notes within a chord easier than ever, while Modwheel CC1 still controls crossfading between the natural dynamic layers. The combination of both greatly enhances the expression you can get out of a regular keyboard performance.

If you ever looked for a “go-to” epic choir patch. This is it!


When it comes to virtual choirs, there are basically two approaches: Phrasebulding (Storm Choir legacy series) and Wordbuilding (Rhodope legacy series). Storm Choir Ultimate combines the simplicity and sample recording of phrasebuilding with the advanced editing functions of wordbuilding, the same our Next Gen choir libraries do. This allows you to have amazing sounding results within seconds, but also to build and create new sample content with only a few mouse-clicks (combine multiple syllables together, save them as presets, morph between vowels, combine staccato and sustain together, etc.).

All samples have their natural attacks included. However, if you want to tighten them up, the Syllabuilder Engine allows you to set custom attack, release, volume and offset values for each field independently. Something completely new and greatly missed in all phrasebuilding choir libraries.

You can also create complete choral patterns inside the GUI or connect different syllables and morph them to add motion to your choir arrangements. Save and Load complete lyric presets to quickly get yourself into the actual composition or enhance your setup with predefined quick words.


Like our other libraries, Storm Choir Ultimate also has true legato patches that can be played polyphonically without issues and without complicated extra requirements – you just play the music you have in your head and you don’t need to worry about anything else. Also, our Syllabuilder engine has the Agile legato that gives you the option to cut off beginning consonants of syllables and to perform them as legato, again polyphonically. Our intelligent voice leading enables polyphonic writing within just one patch. In other words: Hold down a chord with your left hand, play a melody with your right hand and have it all connected with legato transitions. This powerful feature is controllable by the most common of all midi cc controllers, the sustain pedal.


After we released Storm Choir 2, a lot of our users requested to have key singers available as soloist patches – this is why we have picked the ones with the most unique timbres and included them in the library – a total of 8 soloists with limited amount of syllables (12 instead of 24) that you can use either on their own, or as an “overdub” of the library – think of it as a “first chair” library for singers.


The library also has a dedicated FX section, featuring whispers (in two dynamics – soft whisper and “theatric” whisper), shouts, clusters (multiple dynamics, ranges and vowels) and the traditional risers and falls. The whispers and shouts are included in a Syllabuilder patch that gives you the possibility to morph between syllables, to connect them and to create new words, patterns and effects really quickly.


In the past we were often asked whether our choirs can deliver the feeling of The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Being huge fans of the series, the original score inspired us to create choir libraries in the past and it’s the same with this one. Therefore we decided to include the choir midi files for a mockup of The Prophecy from the Fellowship of the Ring movie. The presets are included in the download of the library.


– 20-piece chamber choir (Syllabuilder patches), 12-piece chamber choir (legato)

– Slavonic molto vibrato tone, over-the-top dynamics and performance

– Three mic positions (Close, Decca and Hall) – recorded in Sofia Session Studio

– True Polyphonic Legato samples for both women and men

– 24 different syllables accessible through an intuitive phrasebuilder

– Recorded with ribbon close-mic array (Coles x3 and Royer x2) for a “darker” sound, Neumann M150 for Decca tree, DPA4006 for wide outriggers