Sci-fi-inspired analog keyboard sounds designed for use with SampleTank 4
受科幻启发的模拟键盘声音设计用于SampleTank 4

Expand your sound collection with two iconic synthesizers from long, long ago, to create sounds far, far away from the ordinary.

The new Spaceport ‘77 Collection welcomes two familiar keyboard characters, the OB-1 and CP-30 to give your tracks some ‘70s and ‘80s sci-fi flavor.
新的Spaceport ‘ 77 Collection迎来了两个熟悉的键盘字符,OB-1和CP-30,让你的曲目带有70年代和80年代的科幻味道。

Newly recorded and programmed to take full advantage of all the features of SampleTank 4’s new sound engine, this expansion library adds 100 new instrument presets and 3.9 GB of samples covering two classic analog keyboards.
新记录和编程充分利用SampleTank 4的新声音引擎的所有功能,这个扩展库增加了100个新的仪器预设和3.9 GB的样本覆盖两个经典模拟键盘。

A great complement to both the modern synth sounds and classic electric piano sounds already in SampleTank 4’s library, these new sounds further expand your sonic library.
一个伟大的补充,现代合成器的声音和经典的电子钢琴声音已经在SampleTank 4的库,这些新的声音进一步扩大您的声音库。

The Oberheim OB-1 is an early monophonic analog synthesizer released in 1978 with two discrete oscillators and suboscillators, along with a noise generator.
Oberheim OB-1是一种早期的单音模拟合成器,1978年发布,有两个离散振荡器和副振荡器,以及一个噪声发生器。

A discrete lowpass filter can be either 12dB or 24dB per octave, for both a classic Oberheim 2-pole sound and the legendary Minimoog 4-pole sound.
一个离散低通滤波器可以是每八度12dB或24dB,既可以是经典的Oberheim 2极声,也可以是传奇的Minimoog 4极声。

Notable users of the OB-1 were the composer and musician Vince Clarke and the bands Tangerine Dream, Rush, and The Grid.
OB-1的著名用户是作曲家兼音乐家文斯·克拉克(Vince Clarke)以及乐队Tangerine Dream、Rush和the Grid。

The Yamaha CP-30 is an electronic piano from 1976 that uses analog synthesis sound generation.

The CP-30 has a Decay control knob that can be used to simultaneously adjust attack and decay parameters not unlike those of a regular synthesizer’s ADSR envelope.

Two tone-generation systems, each with independent decay control, let users like Herbie Hancock, Fleetwood Mac and The Cars conjure up unique sounds using modern synthesizer techniques.
两个具有独立衰减控制的音调生成系统,让Herbie Hancock、Fleetwood Mac和The Cars等用户使用现代合成器技术创造出独特的声音。

The combination of the Yamaha CP-30 and Oberheim OB-1 creates wonderfully spacious and timeless tonal possibilities.

Electric piano, clavichord and harpsichord timbres from the CP-30 combine with the lush discrete analog oscillators and filters of the OB-1 layered in as dimensional pads and evolving sweeps.

Further filtering from SampleTank 4’s analog modeled and modern digital filters extend the color palette even further.
从SampleTank 4的模拟模型和现代数字滤波器进一步过滤,进一步扩展了调色板。

Then add in the deep effects rack power of SampleTank 4 for expansive reverbs and otherworldly chorus ensemble and phasing effects along with audiophile EQ and compression for a high-end cinematic sound worthy of the biggest blockbuster sci-fi feature films.
然后添加在SampleTank 4的深度效果架功率膨胀的混响和超凡的合唱合奏和相调效果以及音响爱好者的EQ和压缩高端电影的声音值得最大的大片科幻故事片。

Over 3.9 GB of content
超过3.9 GB的内容

100 new instruments

Sci-fi inspired analog keyboard sounds

Free for SampleTank 4 users for a limited time
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