Con Moto – Cellos is a string library recorded with motion in the sustains, legato, and attacks/releases.
Con Moto – Cellos是一个弦库记录与运动在持续,连奏,和攻击/释放。

“Active-bow” sustains offer continuously re-expressed vibrato & emotion, via performance & editing approaches.

Responsive note attacks and meticulously-timed release samples – derived from units of musical performance – morph with your playing to allow fluent note-length variation, similar to previous Performance Samples libraries.

Much in the same vein as Oceania, Con Moto – Cellos continues along the path of “energetic release samples” and appreciation of performance-sourced phrase endings as a critical element of the toolkit in release-sample functionality.
同Oceania一样,Con Moto – Cellos继续沿着“积极的发行样本”的道路,并欣赏性能来源的短语结尾作为发行样本功能的一个关键元素的工具包。

Bow-change legato transitions wrap it all together, and with the entire library recorded con moto and musically-restless, the result is a breathing ensemble with coherence in phrasing, vibrato, and expression.
bowo -change连奏过渡包裹在一起,与整个图书馆记录con moto和音乐不安,结果是一个呼吸合奏与连贯的短语,颤音,和表达。

Six cellos (primarily soloist and 1st-chair musicians) from the Capellen Orchestra

Three dynamic layers, from moderately soft to FFF

Bow-change legato con moto (legato with movement in the bowing and vibrato)

“Active-bow” sustains (non-static longs that move and evolve while simultaneously maintaining the dynamic/timbre)

Multiple attack types (hard and soft) triggered via velocity

Release samples that respond fluently to note-length variation*

Recorded in an ambient hall** with multiple mic positions:

+ Close 1st-Chair
+近1 st-chair

+ Close Section

+ Decca

+ Wide