CineSamples is proud to bring to you the first instrument in their Artist Series, Randy Kerber: Randy’s Celeste!

Randy Kerber is a composer, orchestrator and keyboard player, who has had a prolific career in the world of cinema.

The recognizable celeste theme in “Harry Potter” composed by John Williams was played by Randy Kerber who developed a unique sound for the celeste that has been featured not only in “Harry Potter I, II, and III” but also “Minority Report”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, and “Warhorse”.
可辨认的天蓝色的主题在《哈利波特》由约翰·威廉姆斯扮演的兰迪·科伯为天蓝色,开发了一种独特的声音已经不仅出现在“哈利波特I, II, III”但也“少数派报告”,“逍遥法外”,“丁丁的冒险”,“老兵”。

How “Randy’s Celeste” came into being: “I was asked to create a sound that would capture the magical personality of Hedwig, the Owl in Harry Potter.

First, I called up an initialized voice patch on the DX-7 synthesizer to embody the soft character of the celeste.

Next, I combined a sample of an actual celeste.

After some manipulation of these two instruments, I was able to arrive at the unique sound you hear today.”


42mb of Ram needed per instance
每个实例需要42mb Ram

~200mb Harddrive Space is needed

iLok v1 or v2 (for UVI Workstation only)
iLok v1或v2(只适用于UVI工作站)

Kontakt Full v4.2 or higher (For Kontakt Version, Kontakt PLAYER version is NOT available)
Kontakt Full v4.2或更高版本(对于Kontakt版本,Kontakt PLAYER版本不可用)

Works with the FREE UVI Workstation v2.0.8.

Download here.

UVI version is fully compatible with MachFive v3.1.1+ (iLok is still required)
UVI版本完全兼容MachFive v3.1.1+(仍需要iLok)

MAC OS X 10.6.8, 10.7, 10.8 or higher | Mac Intel processors | 2 GB of RAM
MAC OS X 10.6.8, 10.7, 10.8或更高| MAC Intel处理器| 2 GB RAM

Windows 7 (32b and 64b) | Core Duo or faster | 2 GB of RAM
Windows 7 (32b和64b) | Core Duo或更快的| 2 GB RAM

7200 RPM (or higher) or and SSD is HIGHLY recommended.