SCARBEE MM-BASS is based on the highly-regarded Scarbee Black Bass created by accomplished bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye and inspired by the sound of Bernard Edwards (Chic).
SCARBEE MM-BASS是基于著名贝斯手和制作人Thomas Hansen Skarbye创作的SCARBEE Black Bass,灵感来自Bernard Edwards (Chic)的声音。

Bringing you the warm and creamy fingered bass sound of the 70s known from countless disco and funk recordings, SCARBEE MM-BASS is an outstanding addition to our series of “Powered-by KONTAKT” instruments.
SCARBEE MM-BASS是我们“power -by KONTAKT”系列乐器的杰出成员,为您带来70年代从无数迪斯科和放克唱片中闻名的温暖和奶油手指低音。

The SCARBEE MM-BASS was recorded with flatwound strings to get that warm, creamy sound of 1970s disco and funk bass lines.
SCARBEE MM-BASS是用平绕弦录制的,以获得20世纪70年代迪斯科和放克低音线的温暖、奶油般的声音。

The bass was recorded through a DI box to give maximum flexibility in the sound production.

Furthermore, the full strings of the bass were sampled in order to reproduce the timbre changes that occur when you move between low and high frets – giving you rich, natural sound with all the overtones.

SCARBEE MM-BASS is much more than just a collection of samples.
SCARBEE MM-BASS绝不仅仅是样品的集合。

It features an extensive set of playing techniques including sustains, mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and more.

And thanks to some sophisticated scripting, SCARBEE MM-BASS comes vividly to life with features such as a dynamic fretboard display, chord recognition, random alternation between varying release samples, random insertion of pickup hits and realistic vibrato – all to put the swagger into your groove.
多亏了一些复杂的脚本,SCARBEE MM-BASS生动地生活与功能,如动态指板显示,和弦识别,不同发行样品之间的随机交替,随机插入的拾起命中和现实的颤音-所有把大摇大摆到你的凹槽。