‘Sounds Of EDM’ from Big EDM is a phenomenal pack that includes 9 super-fat Construction Kits, 4 FL Studio templates, 200 Drum Samples and 124 Presets.

Instant inspiration and top-notch sounds are guaranteed.

We‘ve prepared some recreations of original tracks with templates so you can go through the whole projects and see how all sounds were made from scratch.

We were using mainly FL Studio native effect plugins, to be sure you will be able to load the templates to your DAWs.
我们主要使用FL Studio原生效果插件,以确保您能够将模板加载到daw。

Also included are 3 original construction kits, that you can use however you want.

Together with these awesome kits you will find also 100 kick and 100 clap samples.

As a “bonus“ we’ve included also 85 Sylenth1, 19 Spire and 20 NI Massive presets.
作为“奖励”,我们还包括85个Sylenth1, 19个Spire和20个NI Massive预设。

The sounds of Blasterjaxx, Bassjackers, KSHMR, Ummet Ozcan, Martin Garrix, Alvaro and others can be heard in this ultra-relevant pack.
Blasterjaxx, Bassjackers, KSHMR, Ummet Ozcan, Martin Garrix, Alvaro等人的声音可以在这个超相关的包中听到。

Let these Kits inspire you or simply use the original tracks and samples as they are mixed now.

Product Specifications:

Format: WAVs/MIDIs/(DAW Project)/Synthesizer VSTi Presets/SoundBank
格式:WAVs/MIDIs/(DAW项目)/Synthesizer VSTi Presets/SoundBank

009 x Construction Kits – (Including: Stems/Loops, VSTi Presets, DAW Project, MIDIs Files)
009 x施工套件-(包括:茎/环,VSTi预设,DAW项目,MIDIs文件)

004 x (DAW Project) For FL Studio
004 x (DAW项目)为FL工作室

009 x Mixed & Mastered FullMix/Preview Demos
009 x混合和精通FullMix/预览演示

098 x Individual (.WAVs) (Stems/Loops) Files
098 x单个(.WAVs)(茎/循环)文件

017 x Individual (.MIDIs) Files
017 x单个(.MIDIs)文件

040 x Individual (.
040 x个人(。

VSTi Presets) Files For (Construction Kits)

124 x (.

VSTi Presets) For (LD Sylenth1, NI Massive, RS Spire)
VSTi预设)For (LD Sylenth1, NI Massive, RS Spire)

200 x Drum Hits (One-Shots) Samples:
200 x鼓命中(一次射击)样品:

100 x (Claps Samples)
100 x(拍片样品)

100 x (Sub Kicks Samples)
100 x(次踢样)

440 x Files In Total
总共440 x个文件

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
44.1kHz 24位高质量

Compatible With All DAWs

100% Royalty-Free