Ultra EDM Trap is a brand new and killer pack by Big EDM loaded with 12 chest-pumping construction kits, 150+ kick samples, Sylenth1, Spire & Massive Presets, 50+ drum loops, drum and synth one-shots and much more !
Ultra EDM Trap是一个全新的杀手包由大EDM装载12胸泵施工套件,150+踢腿样本,Sylenth1, Spire & Massive预设,50+鼓循环,鼓和合成器一枪等等!

Ultra EDM Trap features only the most current, energetic and fresh sounds that will instantly make your tunes sound huge and sharp.
Ultra EDM Trap功能只有最新的,充满活力和新鲜的声音,将立即使您的曲调听起来巨大而尖锐。

As usual we’ve prepared 12 construction kits, with all MIDI, presets and Dry / Wet versions provided.

If you are looking for some dirty 808 kicks, you will love our “808 Kicks” folder, that contains 12 kick packs with more than 140 key-labelled kicks inside.

Top loops, drum loops, tight kicks, claps & snares + key-labelled synth shots – all perfectly crafted to give your sound the needed edge and thump.

All of this plus a nice collection of fresh and sick Sylenth1, Spire & Massive presets makes this pack a must-have for all serious EDM / Trap producers.
所有这些加上一个很好的收集新鲜和生病的Sylenth1, Spire & Massive预设使这个包必须有所有严肃的EDM /陷阱生产者。

3 tutorials and FL Studio projects created during the tutorials that include all samples and presets are inside as well!

Product includes:

12 Construction Kits

144 808 Kicks
144 808踢腿

59 Drum Loops

40 One-shot Samples

39 Presets (Sylenth1, Massive, Spire, Serum)
39个预设(Sylenth1, Massive, Spire, Serum)

3 Tutorials (+FLP, Samples, Presets)