‘Basement Freaks Middle East Trap Percussion’ by Black Octopus Sound is a pack filled with Middle East Trap Percussion.

You can easily slot in these percussion elements into any style of production, such as Trap and modern Hip Hop, Pop, EDM and so much more.

High profile producers such as DJ Snake have been known to use this style of percussion elements and Basement Freaks took where he left off;
知名制作人DJ Snake就曾使用过这种打击乐元素,而Basement Freaks则继承了他的风格;

giving you a plethora of Middle East, Arabic and Greek influenced percussion one shots, loops and samples.

All the sounds in the pack were recorded hands-on, by professional players.

Product Details:

– 20 Music Loops
– 20个音乐循环

– 59 One Shots
– 59个镜头

– 95 Percussion Loops
– 95个敲击环