‘Blackwarp: Neurofunk Machinery Vol 1’ by Black Octopus is a Neurofunk Drum & Bass pack that will inject aggressive, mutant sounds into any of your new productions in no time!
“Blackwarp: Neurofunk机械卷1”由黑章鱼是一个Neurofunk鼓和贝斯包,将注入侵略性,突变的声音到任何你的新产品在任何时间!

Inside you will find everything you need to make speaker slaying DnB that will melt faces and turn heads.

Adding this heat to your arsenal will fill your sample library with damaging one-shots, explosive percussion and drum loops, sizzling FX, atmospheres, synths, glitches and straight bass-to-the-face bassline madness.

But it doesn’t stop there!

‘Blackwarp’ also includes a insane collection of Bass presets for Serum that will get you sounding heavier than ever!

Inspired by the modern sound of DnB and Neurofunk as well as artists such as Noisia, Mefjus, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Emperor, this is the pack that will keep on giving for years to come!
受到DnB和Neurofunk的现代声音以及Noisia, Mefjus, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Emperor等艺术家的启发,这是一个将在未来几年继续给予的包!

Product Details:

– 60 Bass One-Shots
– 60低音一击

– 20 Percussion Loops
– 20个冲击回路

– 20 Drum Loops
– 20个鼓圈

– 110 Drum One-Shots
– 110鼓一次射击

– 62 FX
– 62 fx

– 30 Synth One-Shots
– 30 Synth One-Shots

– 20 Synth Loops
– 20个Synth Loops

– 80 Serum Presets
– 80血清预设

– 12 Serum Tables
– 12血清表

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 100%免版税