‘Hip Hop Breaks’ by Black Octopus Sound is a Hip Hop sample pack designed by Michael Fraser and Cary Pratt with loads of live performance vibes as well as true retro character achieved through the use of vintage gear.

‘Hip Hop Breaks’ is packed full of nostalgic heavy-hitting vintage drum loops achieved through countless hours of live recording after intensive research and listening to copious amounts of classic Hip Hop albums to get the exact feel.
“Hip Hop Breaks”充满了怀旧的重打击复古鼓循环,经过无数小时的现场录音,经过深入的研究和听了大量的经典嘻哈专辑,以获得确切的感觉。

Alongside these brilliant high quality retro drums are helpful Construction Kit loops including Bass, Bells, Keys, Synths, and Percussion.

Each loop also comes with a Retro Sampler Tone version for extra grit.

Product Details:

– 75 Loops With Retro Sampler Tone
– 75循环与复古采样器Tone

– 29 Drum Hits
– 29次击鼓

– 29 Drum Hits With Retro Sampler Tone
– 29鼓打击与复古采样器的语气

– 12 Tape Artifacts and Tape Noise

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 100%免版税