‘Basement Freaks Retro Disco’ by Black Octopus Sound brings us straight back to the 80’s with a pack inspired by artists from the 80s Disco Pop and 90s House era’s, such as Duran Duran, Masters At Work, The Eurythmics and many more!
Black Octopus Sound的“Basement Freaks Retro Disco”将我们带回到80年代,灵感来自80年代迪斯科流行和90年代House时代的艺术家,如Duran Duran, Masters At Work, the Eurythmics等等!

This pack is filled with 80s fueled sounds made with the famous synths of the era such as DX7, Juno 106, Jupiter 8, ARP2600, Casio CZ, Synclavier and CS-80, plus newer modules such as the Moog Sub Phatty and Emu Proteus 2500, this pack is pure retro with a modern twist.
这个包充满了80年代燃料的声音与时代的著名合成器,如DX7,朱诺106,木星8,ARP2600,卡西欧CZ, Synclavier和CS-80,加上较新的模块,如Moog Sub Phatty和Emu Proteus 2500,这个包是纯粹的复古与现代的扭曲。

Along with the amazing synth lines and leads are guitars, chords, drums and bass.

Plus, Basement Freaks went the extra mile to provide you with Kontakt Patches sampled from all the instruments in the pack and MIDI files!

‘Retro Disco’ gives you everything you need to make a Synthwave or 80s Synth Pop hits in no time!

Product Details:

– 22 Drum Loops
– 22个鼓圈

– 36 Music Loops

– 9 MIDI Chords
– 9个MIDI和弦

– 23 One Shot Drums
– 23 One Shot Drums

– 16 FX
– 16 fx

– 23 Kontakt Synth Patches
– 23个Kontakt Synth补丁