‘Analog Synthwave’ by Black Octopus Sound is here to help you make ridiculously good retro and synthwave tracks.

Scrolling through these samples will make you feel immersed in an 80s movie soundtrack.

You will find character synth basses that have squelchy resonant filters and arpeggiated rhythms that will give your music energy.

You will also find crisp, modern drums and percussion that sound very fresh, but with that warm character that hardware provides.

This pack will help your drums sound paradoxically modern and retro at the same time, exactly what a modern synth wave producer wants.

In addition to the creatively synth FX section, there are also tons of music loops to help give you an inspirational boost.

Exciting and energy building Arps, pads, leads, and everything in between will help give your music a jump start.
令人兴奋和精力充沛的Arps, pad, lead,以及介于两者之间的一切将帮助你的音乐一个跳跃的开始。

Product Details:

– 200 Drum & Percussion One-Shots
– 200鼓和打击乐一次射击

– 95 Music Loops
– 95个音乐循环

– 40 Bass Loops
– 40个低音循环

– 146 Drum Loops (Full Loops & Top Loops)
– 146个鼓圈(全圈和顶圈)

– 39 FX Loops
– 39个FX循环

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 100%免版税