‘Westwood Sounds Vol 4: SugarBeats’ by Black Octopus Sound is a sample pack that takes Funk and Bass Music to the next level with a mind twisting and soul electrifying collection of samples designed by SugarBeats.
‘Westwood Sounds Vol 4: SugarBeats’ by Black Octopus Sound是一个样本包,将Funk和Bass音乐带到一个新的水平,由SugarBeats设计的一个扭曲和灵魂电气化的样本集合。

For those in the know on Funky Bass Music, SugarBeats need no introduction.
对于那些知道Funky Bass音乐的人来说,SugarBeats不需要介绍。

They bring their signature crisp, phat, Funky flair to your studio with this incredible collection.
他们把他们的签名脆,phat, Funky天赋到你的工作室与这个令人难以置信的集合。

The vocoded vocals take this pack over the edge with their expressive and Funky flavour.

Add to that huge and detailed phat bass and swingy drums and you will end up with stylish music that makes hips and booties move.

The artistic flair that went into the keys, horns, pianos, strings, and vocals will help you get your dance floors jumping with vibes.

With Bass, Drums, FX, Horns, Guitars, Pianos, Synth, and Vocal loops and one-shots, there is plenty of inspiration to behold.

Product Details:

– 22 Vocal Loops

– 22 Synth One-Shots
– 22 Synth One-Shots

– 20 Vocal One-Shots
– 20个声乐单镜头

– 20 Bass Loops
– 20个低音循环

– 20 Bass One-Shots
– 20低音单镜头

– 20 FX Loops
– 20个FX循环

– 18 Keys loops
– 18个键环

– 17 FX One-Shots
– 17 FX One-Shots

– 16 Horn One-Shots
– 16角一次性射击

– 16 Synth Loops
– 16个Synth Loops

– 15 Guitar Loops

– 15 Horn Loops
– 15个角圈

– 8 Guitar One-Shots
– 8吉他单镜头

– 8 String Loops
– 8串环

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 100%免版税