‘Westwood Sounds Vol 3: Maha Quest’ by Black Octopus Sound is a stylish, expressive, and flavourful Future Bass pack brought to you by Maha Quest.
‘Westwood Sounds Vol 3: Maha Quest’ by Black Octopus Sound是Maha Quest带给您的时尚,富有表现力和风味的未来低音包。

From digital to organic, from Funk to Hip Hop and Glitch Hop, this pack can take any dance music production to Style Ville.
从数字到有机,从放克到嘻哈和Glitch Hop,这个包可以把任何舞曲制作到Style Ville。

The Foley sounds will add amazing texture to your music, the moving and expressive bass tones will hit your dance floor in the gut, right where it counts, the guitars will splash your tracks with organic magic, and the music loops will help inspire you immediately into exhilaration.

This pack also includes Serum presets, all with macros filled out so you can immediately tweak them and make them your own.

Product Details:

– 42 Music Loops
– 42个音乐循环

– 32 Instruments
– 32种仪器

– 22 Foley
——22 Foley

– 14 Drum Loops
– 14个鼓圈

– 12 Cymbals
– 12铙钹

– 12 Snares
– 12个陷阱

– 12 Risers
– 12根立管

– 8 Kicks
– 8次踢腿

– 8 Percussion
– 8打击乐器

– 7 Serum Presets
– 7血清预设

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 100%免版税