‘Grid Division: Westwood Sounds Vol 2’ by Black Octopus Sound is a Dubstep sample pack designed by funk magician Grid Division, who is an expert in making the dance floor go wild.

Punchy, crisp, and full of soul, this pack will add impressive and expressive elements to any dance production.

Specializing in Funk, Glitch Hop, And Hip Hop, this Volume 2 of the Westwood Sounds series will impress even the pickiest producers.
专门在放克,Glitch Hop,和嘻哈,这卷2的韦斯特伍德声音系列将留下深刻的印象,即使是最挑剔的生产者。

The mastery of bass sound design in this pack becomes evident all throughout the bass loops and one-shots folder.

The ridiculously ear-catching layered claps, the mind melting glitched drums, the perfect kicks, the funky as hell drum loops, and the stunning FX will make your music sound seriously slick.

There are also 44 Serum presets and 16 NI Massive presets that will provide joy, passion, and inspiration as you audition them with your own MIDI riffs.
还有44个血清预设和16个NI大规模预设,将提供欢乐,激情和灵感,因为你试镜他们与自己的MIDI riffs。

Product Details:

– 44 Serum Presets
– 44个血清预设

– 47 Bass One Shots
– 47 Bass One Shots

– 30 Kicks

– 25 Glitched Drums
– 25个故障鼓

– 23 Atmospheres
– 23个大气压

– 21 Drum Loops
– 21个鼓圈

– 16 Massive Presets
– 16个大规模预置

– 13 Claps
– 13次鼓掌

– 9 Saxophone Loops
– 9萨克斯管循环

– 8 Impacts
– 8影响

– 6 Percussion Loops
– 6个冲击回路

– 2 Cymbals
– 2铙钹

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 100%免版税