Basement Freaks in collaboration with Concord Audio bring us a warm, analog and fuzzy funky flavored sample pack;

“Tape Funk”!

This is the epitome of highest quality funky warm beats and music loops you can come across.

And Tape Funk isn’t just a clever name;

all the drums, percussion, FX and music loops were ran through an old Tape Machine during the tracking process, giving it exactly the tone and character you would desire from funky tape saturated loops and samples!

True old school analog flavor is hard to find these days and Basement Freaks knew this and took it straight to the roots;

doing the entire process straight onto an analog Tape Machine at Concord Audio facilities.

Even though drums are the name of the game with this pack, Basement Freaks and Concord Audio didn’t stop there.

Tape Funk also includes Fills, Guitars, Percussion, Top Loops, and Music Loops, giving you more bang for the buck and allowing you to create entirely new songs full of musical tape pizzazz.

Alongside all of these carefully crafted tape recorded loops are One Shots and FX.

Tying it all together are loads of unique and custom played Brass sections that were recorded live and with various performers, bringing extra fuel to this saturated marvel of a release.

Influenced by the era of tape and styles such as Funk, Disco, 70s Soul and Funk, and bands such as James Brown, The Isley Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, The Chi-Lites ,Gene Chandler and so many more!
受磁带时代和风格的影响,如放克,迪斯科,70年代灵魂和放克,以及乐队,如詹姆斯·布朗,伊斯利兄弟,斯莱和家庭石,the Chi-Lites,Gene Chandler等等!

Whats Inside:

190 x Drum Loops
190 x鼓圈

220 x Drum One Shots
220 x鼓一次射击

13 x Brass Section
13 ×黄铜部分

56 x Fills
56 x填充

11 x Guitars
11 x吉他

30 x Music Loops

35 x Percussion Loops

51 x Top Loops
51 x顶部环

15 x FX One Shots
15 x FX一次拍摄

33 x Percussion One Shots