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Watchkeeper is our newest and most comprehensive library of percussion and clockwork samples that can be used to create rhythmic and mechanical sounds for all genres.

We’ve created an engine that provides you with a wide range of functions and settings for creating astonishing rhythmic patterns quickly and easily.

The main goal of the Watchkeeper is to offer users a modern set of sound design tools right out of the box, without the need to reach for third-party plugins, while keeping the interface simple and clutter-free.

Watchkeeper serves as a go-to instrument for sound designers and composers every time they want to create an intricate synth patch or trailer rhythms from scratch, working with percussion, clock, and mechanism elements, creating new sounds.

Thanks to its huge collection of sounds and rhythm patterns, it completely eliminates the need to find rhythm loops or percussive one-shots somewhere else.

Watchkeeper’s library is structured and organized clearly and intuitively, so your work can finally be fast and efficient.

Within each folder you will find a handy set of patches, ranging from the basic ones to the complex layered sounds, covering all possible genres.

Watchkeeper offers several resources to composers and sound designersBenefits for media composers:- 700+ NI Kontakt Patches – Includes perfectly crafted DESIGNED patches as well as RAW patches of original recordings for the vast amount of abilities to use it.
守望者提供了几个资源,作曲家和声音设计师对媒体作曲家的好处:- 700+ NI Kontakt补丁-包括完美制作的设计补丁以及原始录音的原始补丁大量的能力来使用它。

– 300+ NI Kontakt Multi-Patches / 170+ Sound Design Patches – Stand-out Full Stem Composition Generators with a diverse selection, exceptional quality and innovative sound.
– 300+ NI Kontakt Multi-Patches / 170+ Sound Design Patches -突出的全干合成发生器,具有多样化的选择,卓越的品质和创新的声音。

– 2000+ Snapshots / 2000+ Tones – That allows for quickly achieving high-quality sound transformations for various sound-design purposes.
– 2000+快照/ 2000+音调-允许快速实现各种声音设计目的的高质量声音转换。

– 3100+ Custom rhythm presets – With wide range of options available to bring your creative ideas to life, allowing you to customize and personalize your project with unique and dynamic sounds.
– 3100+自定义节奏预设-具有广泛的选项,可将您的创意变为现实,允许您使用独特和动态的声音定制和个性化您的项目。

– FX Custom presets and 240+ FX Chains – Created to ignite your creativity and boost up your creative process, providing endless possibilities to explore and create your own signature sound.
– FX自定义预设和240+ FX链-创建点燃你的创造力,提高你的创作过程,提供无尽的可能性来探索和创造自己的签名声音。

– 1300+ Loops and 800+ Oneshots – Mastered and ready to drag-n-drop use in your projects to fill gaps and obtain missing elements for your masterpiece.
– 1300+循环和800+单拍-掌握并准备在您的项目中拖放使用,以填补空白并获得您的杰作缺失的元素。

– Stem Loops – over 2000 loops that have been carefully categorized for easy access, making it simple to find the perfect loop for your project.

– Stems – 170 Stem Folders from Artist Multipatches organized by genres and styles to make it easier to use.
-茎- 170茎文件夹从艺术家多补丁组织的流派和风格,使其更容易使用。

– WAV Folder – 6100 Mastered Audio Files.
– WAV文件夹- 6100精通音频文件。

Loops and Created Patches contain up to 32 Round Robins.
loop和Created Patches最多包含32个Round robin。

As a result, the sound produced is incredibly dynamic and lifelike, capturing the subtle variations that occur in real-world performances.

Custom algorithm for creating an endless variety of new rhythms in epic, hybrid, organic, and modern styles and many more.

With uncompressed 40GB Watchkeeper, you’ll experience the ultimate in creative freedom, unlock new possibilities, achieve what was once deemed impossible and elevate your work to new heights.
使用未压缩的40GB Watchkeeper,您将体验到最终的创作自由,解锁新的可能性,实现曾经被认为是不可能的,并将您的工作提升到新的高度。

Benefits for sound designers:- User sample import – feature allows for loading any type of sound and instantly integrating it to the correct rhythmic grid for proper use in rhythms and for dividing any sounds for granular sound design.

– Users export and import MIDI files in two clicks, making it easy to work with rhythms and sequences in any DAWs.

– Easy-to-use yet powerful layering system and different loop playback modes boast improved efficiency and are less taking on the CPU and memory, allowing for smoother operation and faster workflow.

– The addition of a user-friendly yet powerful layering system and various loop playback options, including developed playback mods, provides users with a wealth of creative possibilities.

This feature allows to layer sounds or audio tracks on top of each other easily to create a more complex and dynamic audio experience.

– Advanced sequencer and probability options enable you to quickly generate new ideas and experiment with unique sound.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, our product is the perfect choice for achieving the results you desire.

Transform your tracks with fresh tones, rhythmic patterns, and intricate details of time.

Specifications- The KSP module enables control of crucial engine parameters for creating variations in multipatch
规格- KSP模块能够控制关键的引擎参数,以创建多补丁的变化

– Comprehensive library of clock sounds, watches, and mechanical elements

– Meticulously recorded and curated sounds

– Round-robin recording capabilities

– Powerful sequencer with unlimited capabilities

– Randomize and fine-tune every crucial parameter of the sequence

– Infinite number of unique patterns

– Huge collection of individual FX presets and 200+ FX chains
-个人FX预设和200+ FX链的巨大集合

– Ability to transform any sound with FX chains and innovative sample playback style

– User samples import

– Easy-to-use yet powerful layering system

– Different loop playback options

– Dynamic filter section

– 7 slots of FX-rack

– Large collection of MIDI with exports

– Clear and intuitive library organization

NI Kontakt v7.1.8 or newer is required!
需要NI Kontakt v7.1.8或更新版本!