Step into the world of Veela with this exclusive 1GB sample pack of high quality vocal samples.

There is nothing quite like finding the right vocal for a track and with Siren you are given a collection of vocals that range from beautiful, angelic, and haunting from this sought after vocalist.

15 construction kits paired with a massive supply of bonus material, all organized and labelled with correct key and tempo information make this pack a producers dream.

Veela has been featured on many top 100 beatport tracks and her collaboration with Blackmill was the #4 most blogged about song on Hype Machine.
Veela已经出现在许多前100名的beatport歌曲中,她与Blackmill的合作是Hype Machine上最受关注的第四首歌曲。

Her mission to share beauty and inspire shines through in this pack and there is no doubt that these vocals will be featured on many chart topping tracks for years to come.

Pack inlcudes:

15 Construction Kits – Vocals phrases and samples suitable for all kinds of music, each kit is named with the original chord progression it was recorded to for maximum efficiency.

Stories woven into songs, beautiful melodies and adlibs fill up this section.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, time-stretch or load into your favorite pitch correction software such as Melodyne or Newtone to create all new melodies and phrases.

All kits are recorded to 128bpm and still sound great when stretched to other tempos.

Loops – Gated sustains, vocal percussion, and twisted glitch loops perfect for chopping up or laying directly in your track.

All loops tempo stretched to 128bpm and labelled with the correct pitch.

Vocal FX – Heavily verbed breaths, reverse reverbs both tonal and atonal, and blurred vocal swells perfect for transitions for for building tension in your tracks
声音FX -沉重的动词呼吸,反向混响都有音调和无调性,和模糊的声音膨胀完美的过渡,为建立紧张在你的轨道

Spoken – Over 100 spoken phrases, perfect to drop in over a breakdown or fill.

Begging to be chopped up into intricate edits!

Bonus Material – We wanted to give you, the producer, as much material to work with in this pack so we’ve included all of the production material such as random weird vocal noises, single sustain tones (several for each note), laughs and sighs & breath noises.

These recordings are a sound designers paradise!