Stratosphere is elegance and beauty all rolled up into one grooving heater of a sample pack.

Creator Elliot Berger is no stranger to top quality packs that flood the scene and charts with pure awesome sauce (as seen with his pack Breathtaking Future Bass).
创造者Elliot Berger对于那些充斥着游戏场景和排行榜的高质量包并不陌生(就像他的包《amazing Future Bass》)。

With his new pack Stratosphere, he shows just how versatile his packs can be for producers and their work.

This is the perfect library for anyone doing Ambient, Downtempo, Future Garage, Liquid and Chillout styles, plus so much more!

Weighing in at over 1 gig of content and samples and presets that are stronger than ever, you will find everything you need for your next song.

Inside are bold bass loops and one shots, presets for Serum, deep drum loops and one shots, FX, Melodic Music loops, sizzling Synths, foley and ambient Vocal one shots.
里面是大胆的低音循环和一个镜头,预设血清,深鼓循环和一个镜头,FX,旋律音乐循环,滋滋作响的Synths, foley和环境声乐一个镜头。

Stratosphere has it all!

The synth atmosphere and pads alone are oozing with inspiration, just waiting for you to layer with some grooves or add them into any style of production needing some euphoria!

Inspired by artists like Sorrow, Direct, Vacant, Burial, Mr FijiWiji & Asa.
灵感来自于Sorrow, Direct, empty, Burial, Mr FijiWiji & Asa等艺术家。

– So grab Stratosphere today and get chilled like ice!

Product Specifications

Format: (.WAVs) & (.
格式:(. wavs) &(。

Synthesizer VSTi Presets)

064 x (.
064 x(。

Synthesizer VSTi Presets) For (Xfer Records Serum)

Requirements: Xfer Records Serum v1.113+ or higher.
要求:Xfer Records血清v1.113+或更高。

058 x Bass Loops
058 x低音环

007 x Bass (One-Shots)
007 x贝斯(一拍)

191 x Drum (One-Shots):
191 x鼓(一炮):

022 x (Claps)
022 x(拍手)

053 x (Cymbals)
053 x(铙钹)

028 x (Kicks)
028 x(踢脚)

058 x (Percussions)
058 x(打击乐)

030 x (Snares)
030 x(陷阱)

075 x Drum Loops:
075 x鼓环:

036 x (Full Drum Loops – 2 x Foley Drum Loops)
036 *(全鼓环- 2 * Foley鼓环)

003 x (Glitch Drum Loops)
003 x(故障鼓回路)

007 x (Kick And Snare Loops)
007 x(踢腿和圈套环)

029 x (Top Loops)
029 x(顶部环)

045 x Foley FX:
045 x Foley FX:

010 x (Processed)
010 x(已处理)

032 x FX (One-Shots)
032 x FX (One-Shots)

138 x Melodic Music Loops
138 x旋律音乐循环

040 x Synth Atmospheres
040 x合成大气

010 x Vocal (One-Shots)
010 x声乐(一拍)

596 x Individual (.WAVs) (.Loops/Samples) Files
596 x个人(.WAVs) (.Loops/Samples)文件

660 x Files In Total

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality

Compatible With All DAWs

PC & Mac Compatible
PC & Mac兼容