Smooth and oh-so-jazzy, for all ya’ cool cats!

Basement Freaks brings us Metropolis Soundtrack;

a truly soulful 1GB+ library, packed full of Jazz and Downtempo sounds.

Inside this masterpiece, you’ll find everything you need to bring some jazz into your songs or add some pizzazz to your downtempo productions.

Along with juicy jazz beats and melodic music loops, you have full song kits which include full song stems of guitar, keys, bass, drums, sax, and so much more!

As soon as you open the pack you’ll find infinite opportunities to add that organic, jazzy flair to your next Hip Hop, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Chill, or House production!
一旦你打开包,你会发现无限的机会添加有机,爵士风格到你的下一个Hip Hop, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Chill,或House生产!

You’ll find crispy acoustic drum break beats that sound like they’re recorded inside a jazz club, beautifully processed/effected guitars, delightful jazzy piano keys, and lush rhodes riffs that will add luxurious movement to any track.

You’ll also find find construction kits that make getting a track started as easy as ever, just drop and drag the unique synth one shots/loops, bass, drums, or sax loops directly into your project and watch how Metropolis brings your studio to life!
您还会发现找到施工工具包,使获得一个轨道开始一样容易,只需将独特的synth one shots/循环,贝斯,鼓,或萨克斯循环直接拖到您的项目中,并观看大都会如何将您的工作室带入生活!

If you’re hungry for that extra special sauce in your music, or want to add an innovative jazzy flair that inspires you and your audience;

get on Metropolis Soundtrack.
上Metropolis Soundtrack。

Influenced by the Hip Hop & Trip Hop era , with a jazzy twist, old-school breaks drum loops, Jazz Bass, Rhodes, Pianos, Sax, and Synths.
受Hip Hop和Trip Hop时代的影响,带有爵士乐的扭曲,老式的打破鼓循环,爵士贝斯,罗德,钢琴,萨克斯和合成器。

Product Specifications

Format: (.WAVs)
格式(. wav):

005 x Full Song Starter Kits – (Including: 31 x (.Stems) – 5 x (.FullMix) Files)
005 x全歌曲入门套件-(包括:31 x(.茎)- 5 x (.FullMix)文件)

013 x Beat Loops
013 x节拍循环

030 x Music Loops
030 x音乐循环

022 x Cuts
022 x切割

101 x Individual (.WAVs) (.Loops/Samples) Files In Total
101 x个人(.WAVs) (.Loops/Samples)文件总数

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality

Compatible With All DAWs

PC & Mac Compatible
PC & Mac兼容