• 新推出: SuperRack LiveBox MADI —— 带有MADI连接的LiveBox单元现已开放预购。通过简单的一体化LiveBox(64通道MADI同轴,64通道MADI光纤)连接到您的控制台,使用Waves和其他品牌的VST3插件进行现场混音。
  • 更新: SuperRack Performer(Windows)v14.30.117.825
  • 新功能: DiGiCo控制台的ProLink远程控制集成。
  • 修复:
    • 修复了导致Dugan Speech Automixer在特定会话重新定位时停止工作的错误。
    • 修复了导致音频LED指示灯不变黄的错误。
    • 修复了导致CPU计量器值错误的错误。
  • 注释
    • 包含Waves Ultimate 2024.3-V.R补丁

Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

June 11, 2024
– New: [SuperRack LiveBox MADI](https://www.waves.com/hardware/superrack-livebox) — LiveBox units with MADi connectivity are now available for pre-order. Mix live with VST3 plugins by Waves and other brands, natively, with the simple turn-key LiveBox (64 channels MADI Coaxial, 64 channels MADI Optical) connected to your console.
– Updated: [SuperRack Performer](https://www.waves.com/mixers-racks/superrack-performer) (Windows) v14.30.117.825
– New: ProLink remote control integration for DiGiCo consoles.
– Fixed:
– A bug that caused the Dugan Soeech Automixer to stop working when a specific session was relocated.
– A bug that caused the audio LED Indicator to not turn yellow.
– A bug that caused wrong CPU meter values.

– Included Waves Ultimate 2024.3-V.R Patch