Black Octopus continues its wicked drum series with another hard hitting release, Wicked Trap Beats!

Featuring a wide arsenal of bass heavy drum samples & beats, this pack is destined to make some club systems rattle.

Build your own beats using the one shots in this pack, as a huge focus has been spent on the 300+ included drum hits.

The snares & claps have all have that special iconic trap flavor, including pitched, organic claps, & 808 style snares.

The crisp hihats work perfectly for those patterns featuring quick 16th note rolls.

Pick one of the tight high kicks and layer in a fat 808 style sub for a nice full spectrum beat.

In addition to the single hits, a good selection of toploops, drum loops, and build up loops have also been included so producers can get up and running with some fresh inspiration in no time.
除了单曲之外,还包括了一些不错的topploops、drum loops和build up loops,这样制作人就可以立即获得一些新鲜的灵感。

While this pack is labelled as a trap drums pack, there is also a lot of room for it to be used in other genres such as future bass, hip hop, and chillout.

Product Specifications:

Format: (.WAVs) & (.
格式:(. wavs) &(。

Synthesizer VSTi Presets)

010 x Synthesizer VSTi Presets For (Xfer Records Serum)
010 x合成器VSTi预设(Xfer记录血清)

050 x 808 Style Sub Kicks
050 x 808风格的Sub Kicks

025 x Crash And Ride
025 x撞车和骑

014 x Drum Loops
014 x鼓环

050 x FX:
050 x FX:

025 x (Downlifter)

025 x (Uplifter)
025 x(提升器)

025 x Hi-Hats – (Closed)
025 x high – hats -(关闭)

025 x Hi-Hats – (Open)
025xhi – hats -(公开版)

070 x Kicks:
070 x踢:

050 x (High)
050 x(高)

020 x (Reverb)
020 x(混响)

040 x Percussions
040 x打击

050 x Snares And Claps
050 x圈套和拍手

050 x Top Loops
050 x顶部环

399 x Individual (.WAVs) (Loops/Samples) Files In Total
399 x个人(.WAVs)(循环/样本)文件总数

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
44.1kHz 24位高品质

Compatible With All DAWs