Hair raising sound design and pristine production quality highlight this premium serum preset pack by bass music phenom Prismatic.

With his masterful sonic quality and huge releases on high profile record labels Gravitas Records, Play Me Records, and Simplify Recordings, Prismatic is indisputably a household name in the global bass music community.
凭借精湛的音质,以及在知名唱片公司Gravitas Records、Play Me Records和Simplify Recordings发行的大量专辑,Prismatic在全球贝斯音乐界无疑是一个家喻户晓的名字。

As you look over this incredible pack you’ll notice a vast array of texturized bass presets that have a cut, shred, character, and style to them that is unique to the Prismatic signature sound.

From gnarly growls, to phat reeces, to clever, quirky, slicing bass punches;
从粗糙的咆哮,到phat reeces,到聪明,古怪,切片低音拳头;

this pack covers a wide sonic palette of flavours, colours, textures, and temperatures.

The thrilling amount of different bass presets, the wide range of possible leads/accent synths, and the signature crispness of Prismatic’s drums, this pack is an absolute must in any Riddim, Dubstep, Trap, and Hybrid producers Serum preset library.
令人激动的不同低音预设量,广泛的可能的领导/重音合成器,和棱镜的鼓的签名脆度,这个包是任何Riddim, Dubstep,陷阱,和混合生产者血清预设库的绝对必须。

This pack is absolutely for you if you love artists like Au5, Fractal, Virtual Riot, Excision, and Downlink.

Bring your productions up there with the best in the world with this essential Serum preset bank.

Product Specifications:

Format: (.WAVs) & (.
格式:(. wavs) &(。

Synthesizer VSTi Presets)

064 x Synthesizer VSTi Presets For (Xfer Records Serum)
064 x合成器VSTi预设(Xfer记录血清)

038 x (Bass) Sounds
038 x(低音)声音

022 x (Leads/Arps/Plucks) Sounds
022 x(引线/Arps/拔毛)声音

004 x (FX) Sounds
004 x (FX)声音

011 x (Xfer Records Serum) Custom Wavetables
011 x (Xfer记录血清)自定义波动表

010 x FX/Risers/Fallers
010 x外汇/上升/下降

015 x Music Loops
015 x音乐循环

010 x Phat Drum (One-Shots)
010 x Phat鼓(一拍式)

005 x Shredding Bass (One-Shots)
005 x Shredding Bass(一拍)

013 x Vocal Ad-Libs
013 x即兴演唱

128 x Files In Total

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
44.1kHz 24位高品质

Compatible With All DAWs