KYNG Media is back with another hot collection of hip hop & trap beats & loops focusing on a melodic yet gritty sound to carry you into the midnight hours.
KYNG Media带着另一个热门的hip hop & trap beats & loops系列回归,专注于旋律优美但沙哑的声音,带你进入午夜时分。

As with all KYNG Media packs, the samples are broken down into WAV loops, One-shots, and MIDI files so as much customization can be made.
与所有KYNG Media包一样,示例被分解为WAV循环、One-shots和MIDI文件,因此可以进行尽可能多的定制。

You can expect massive 808 style sub basses and kicks, haunting and eerie synth bells, gritty and dirty synth EPS, and warm pads in this pack.

Drumloops are offered in full beats, top loops, or single stems for maximum flexibility.

Easily drag and drop the tempo & key labelled loops to quickly mix together a new beat of your own.

Swap out your own sounds using the MIDI or create entirely new loops with the one shots provided.

The MIDI included also allows you transpose the track to a different key and change around melodies.

Whether you are an MC or vocalist looking for some royalty-free material to work with or a producer searching for some fresh sounds, Insomnia will have something to get the late night creative minds working.

Product Specifications:

Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)
格式:(.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)

039 x Drum (One-Shots):
039 x鼓(一炮):

006 x (Bass – C5 Root)
006 x(低音- C5根)

005 x (Kicks)
005 x(踢脚)

005 x (Percussions)
005 x(打击乐)

011 x (Snares And Claps)
011 x(圈套和拍手)

012 x (Tops)
012 x(顶部)

016 x SFX
016 x SFX

005 x Track Masters For Reference
005 x轨道大师参考

007 x Bass Loops – (Including: 5 x (.MIDIs) Files)
007 x低音循环-(包括:5个(.MIDIs)文件)

081 x Drum Loops:
081 x鼓环:

005 x (No Kick)
005 x(无踢脚)

032 x (Stems)
032 x(茎)

005 x (Tops And Percussion)
005 x(上衣和打击乐)

005 x (Full) – (Including: 34 x (.MIDIs) Files)
005 x(完整)-(包括:34 x (.MIDIs)文件)

025 x Music Loops – (Including: 22 x (.MIDIs) Files)
025 x音乐循环-(包括:22 x (.MIDIs)文件)

200 x Files In Total

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
44.1kHz 24位高品质

Compatible With All DAWs