The bustling streets, the smell of fragrant Chai, radiant colors everywhere, and the uncanny character of the Tabla drum.

Bring the essence of India into your studio with this high level Indian percussion pack recorded and produced by the prolific, legendary Indian percussionist K.V. Balakrishnan.
将印度的精髓带入您的工作室,这个高水平的印度打击乐包由多产的传奇印度打击乐家K.V. Balakrishnan录制和制作。

This masterpiece of a sound library contains expertly crafted and beautifully mastered drum hits for any variety of production.

EDM, Bollywood, Cinematic, Downtempo, Psychedelic, Dubstep, Trap, and Drum & Bass;
EDM,宝莱坞,电影,Downtempo,迷幻,Dubstep, Trap和鼓&贝斯;

these samples will give your tracks an innovative twist!

Your production will stand out with this stunning array of tabla, dholak, mridangam, cabasa, dukki tarang, ghata singari, kanjira, moongos, various shakers, salangai, tambourine, and finger cymbals.
你的作品将脱颖而出,这令人惊叹的手鼓,dholak, mridangam, cabasa, dukki tarang, ghata singari, kanjira, moongos,各种振动器,salangai,手鼓和手指钹。

With really high attention to detail, this percussion master has delivered an exceptional quality sample pack that will keep up with quality standards and stay relevant for years and years to come.

The nearly 1200 loops provided have been broken down into both ensemble loops, and single loops so you can piece together your perfect percussion grooves.

Loops have been provided in 120, 125, 130, 135, & 140 bpm and have been conveniently labelled with instrument type, tempo, & key for ease of use.
循环已提供在120,125,130,135,和140 bpm,并已方便地与仪器类型,节奏和关键标签,便于使用。

A variety of Dholak & Tabla one shots have also been provided to sequence brand new beats from scratch.
各种Dholak & Tabla一个镜头也已提供序列全新的节拍从零开始。

Sample pack download contains:

677 Ensemble percussion loops

519 Single perccusion loops

92 Dholak one shots
92 Dholak一枪

71 Tabla one shots

1359 samples total

Size: 2.62GB
大小:2.62 gb