Get ready for Tarantino Bass!

This sample pack is a unique style which can be considered a fusion of Mariachi & Balkan inspired sounds with a hint of funk to bring it all together.

The live recorded instruments are definitely a main feature of this pack, with a huge selection of live recorded sax loops, trumpets, trombones, guitars, accordions and much more.

The saxophone loops area huge highlight of this pack, and you will find over 200 sax loops & one-shots categorized as “Old School”, “Smokey”, “Jazzy”, “Jammin” and “Funky” so you can find the style you are looking for quickly.

The mariachi trumpets are oozing with feeling and will transport you riding into the sunset after an intense showdown with bandits from the old west.

Chop up the loops into Balkan inspired house tracks, or lay some of the brass instruments into some funky glitch hop tracks and watch the sounds come alive!

All of the loops from the demo track are broken down into “kits” for easy remixing into your own original tracks.

In addition to the 600 live recorded loops, Tarantino Bass also comes with 22 Kontakt patches – including 60’s hammond organs, sax chops, ethereal & mood setting pads, bells, & drum kits just to name a few.

Produced by the world renowned funk producer The Basement Freaks, Tarantino Bass is a one of a kind sound which can find uses in other genres such as well such as reggae, funk, soul, mariachi, hip hop, glitch hop.
由世界著名的放克制作人the Basement Freaks制作,塔伦蒂诺低音是一种声音,可以在其他类型中找到使用,如雷鬼,放克,灵魂,墨西哥流浪乐队,嘻哈,故障跳。

Product Specifications:

008 x Construction Kits – (Including: Stems/Loops Files)
008 x施工套件-(包括:茎/环文件)

013 x (Bonus): Loops
013 x(奖励):循环

024 x Accordion
024 x手风琴

010 x Brass FX
010 x黄铜FX

099 x Guitars:
099 x吉他:

012 x (Arp)
012 x (Arp)

006 x (Bluesman)
006 x(布鲁斯曼)

012 x (Chorus)
012 x(合唱)

007 x (Crunch)
007 x(嘎嘣脆)

008 x (Evil Bass)
008 x(邪恶低音)

005 x (Kraut)
005 x(德国)

006 x (Lick)
006 x(舔)

011 x (Middle East)

006 x (Skunk)
006 x(臭鼬)

010 x (Texas)

016 x (Vibrato)
016 x(颤音)

207 x Sax (One-Shots) Samples
207 x Sax(一拍)样本

022 x Sax Loops
022 x Sax循环

048 x Trombone (One-Shots) Samples
048 x长号(一枪)样品

025 x Trombone Dubs
025 x长号配音

051 x Trumpet
051 x小号

015 x Vibraphone
015 x颤音琴

022 x (Bonus): Patches For (Native Instruments Kontakt)
022 x(奖励):补丁(本地仪器Kontakt)

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
44.1kHz 24位高品质

Compatible With All DAWs