Dusty Trip Hop is a mind blowing pack of lofi and all original Trip Hop samples and loops.
Dusty Trip Hop是一个令人兴奋的包的lofi和所有原始的Trip Hop样品和循环。

Fueled with Hits, Loops and song strarters to get the groove pumping and tripped out!

For many years Trip Hop has remained a unique genre blending the lines between electronic, hip hop, rock and down tempo.
多年来,Trip Hop一直是一种独特的流派,融合了电子、嘻哈、摇滚和低节奏。

Artists like Massive Attack, Portishead and Unkle have taken the scene by storm and now so can you with this rare gem of a pack!

Dusty Trip Hop is one of those packs that goes even further than the genre calls for and can be used for anything needing a pulse and organic energy injected into your music or production.
Dusty Trip Hop是那些包之一,甚至比流派要求的更远,可以用于任何需要脉冲和有机能量注入到你的音乐或生产。

Organs, Bass’s, Pianos, Synths, Lo-Fi Drum Kits, Horns, Strings and so much more are riddled in the packet giving it an entire universe to dive into.

Along with the edgy and blazing Loops and Samples;

there are 3 entire songs broken down as song starters!

Blossom, Exhale and Marcha are 3 all original songs you can pull inspiration from or cut into and create your own masterpiece!

ATTACK this MASSIVE pack and get started today!

Product Specifications:

025 x Raw And Organic Bass Loops
025 x原始和有机低音环

028 x Melancholic Music Loops
028 x忧郁的音乐循环

015 x Groovin Percussion Loops
015 x Groovin打击环

084 x Trippy Drum Loops
084 x Trippy鼓环

100 x Dusty Lo-Fi Drum Hits:
100 x dust Lo-Fi Drum Hits:

020 x (Claps)
020 x(鼓掌)

020 x (Hi-Hats)
020 x (Hi-Hats)

020 x (Kicks)
020 x(踢脚)

020 x (Shakers)
020 x(激振器)

020 x (Snares)
020 x(陷阱)

003 x Full Trip Hop Song Starters Broken Down Into Separate Session Stems
003 x全行程跳歌曲启动器分解成单独的会话干

290 x Individual (WAVs) Files In Total

Key And Tempo-Labelled

44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
44.1kHz 24位高品质

Compatible With All DAWs