MDK has teamed up with Black Octopus Sound and the result is an explosive pack of Serum presets ready to take the dance music world by storm!

Limitless by MDK has been masterfully designed by the well known Vancouver based producer and contains 64 presets, 30 wavetables, MIDI files, and 100MB of bonus content from the Leviathan 2 sample pack.

With over 200k subcribers, and millions of plays on youtube, MDK is no stranger to the electronic music world.

A master of electro/breaks/complextro/chiptune styles – MDK fully taps into his production expertise, with every sound in this pack being stamped with his own unique style.
电子/打破/复杂/芯片调风格的大师- MDK充分利用了他的制作专业知识,在这个包中的每一个声音都带有他自己独特的风格。

Each preset has cleverly assigned macros for ultimate control and shaping of the sounds.

Dial in the perfect preset, and sculpt the sound to perfection with just a few tweaks.

F-zero style leads, space invader arps, funky vibrato synths, deep growly basses, super sayan chords, and 8-Bit FX are awaiting your tracks from this pack, so take a journey with MDK – the possibilities are…
F-zero风格的引线,太空入侵者的arps, funky颤音合成器,深咆哮低音,超级sayan和弦,和8位FX正在等待你的轨道从这个包,所以与MDK一起旅行-可能性是…

– Limitless!

► Product Specifications:

Format: Synthesizer VSTi Presets

064 x Presets For (Xfer Records Serum) – (All Macros Assigned)
064 x预设(Xfer记录血清)-(所有宏分配)

002 x (Arps) Sounds
002 x (Arps)声音

037 x (Bass) Sounds
037 x(低音)声音

007 x (Chords) Sounds
007 x(和弦)声音

004 x (Drums) Sounds
004 x(鼓)声音

007 x (Leads) Sounds
007 x(引线)声音

001 x (Pad) Sound
001 x (Pad)声音

001 x (Pluck) Sound
001 x(拨动)声音

007 x (SFX) Sounds
007 x (SFX)声音

008 x (Synth) Sounds
008 x(合成)声音

030 x (Xfer Records Serum Wavetables)
030 x (Xfer记录血清波动表)

021 x (MIDIs) Files Of The Demo Track
021 x (MIDIs)文件的演示曲目

124 x (Bonus): Samples From (Leviathan 2)
124 x(奖励):样本(利维坦2)

Requirements: Xfer Records Serum VSTi

Please Note: Please Ensure Your Copy Of Xfer Serum Is Up To Date To Ensure Proper Loading Of Presets.