Engine 是一款完全可定制的多页面采样播放器,专为各种采样库和虚拟乐器而设计。它由 Magix(前 Yellow Tools)和 Best Service 合作开发,基于 Independence 采样器技术。

所有基于 ENGINE 的产品都与功能强大的软件采样器 Independence 2 或更新版本完全兼容,因此您也可以使用 ENGINE 产品扩展您的 Independence 库,当然包括所有 Independence 参数和功能。


无论你想在单声道、立体声或高达 8.1 的环绕声环境中工作,Engine 都能为音乐制作人、电影配乐师、音效设计师、歌曲作者和混音师的需求提供创造性、灵活性和即时性的解决方案。

Engine is a fully customizable multi-page sample player specially designed for a variety of sample libraries and virtual instruments. It was developed in cooperation by Magix (former Yellow Tools) and Best Service and is based on the Independence Sampler Technology.

All Engine-based products are fully compatible with the powerful software sampler Independence 2 or newer – so you can also use the ENGINE products to expand your Independence library – of course including all Independence parameters and features.

You have access to hundreds of totally customized, music related features. The user interface, file management, and ultra fast streaming integration, multi core processor support and the Auto-RAM-Cleaner allow you to load and use an unlimited number of instruments in seconds.

Whether you want to work in mono, stereo or surround environments up to 8.1, Engine is designed to offer creative, flexible, and immediate solutions for the demands of music producers, film-composers, sound designers, songwriters and re-mixers.