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The definitive collection of Hybrid Cinematic Widescreen percussion, produced by the man who created the idiom.

This volume expands on the breadth of solo content found in HZ01 with a selection of detailed and deep sampled solo drums performed by percussion guru Frank Ricotti.

Recorded by Geoff Foster at Air Studios and mixed by 3 Oscar & Grammy winning composer/ producer/ engineers.
Geoff Foster在Air Studios录制,由3个奥斯卡和格莱美获奖作曲家/制作人/工程师混合。

Long term Hans collaborator and percussion legend Frank Ricotti plays the definitive anthology of percussion instruments and styles developed over ten years of blockbuster score making.

Volume 3 completes the Hans Zimmer percussion project with a beautiful selection of solo instruments that offer added bite, detail, focus, clarity and nuance to this epic series.

Hans loves the quiet layers more than any other so whilst, as Frank would put it, the “twat it” layers give you the bitey thunder you’d expect, the lower layers offer up the potential for engaging delicate drum programming to help tick your cues along.
Hans喜欢安静的层比任何其他,所以,正如弗兰克会说,“twat it”层给你的咬雷声你所期望的,较低的层提供了潜在的参与微妙的鼓程序,以帮助滴答你的线索。

Instruments played in a variety of ways include: Bucket, Snare, Crusher, Paper Djun, Tombek, Dohl, Darbuca, Surdu, Darbucket.
以多种方式演奏的乐器包括:Bucket, Snare, Crusher, Paper Djun, Tombek, Dohl, Darbuca, Surdu, Darbucket。

HANS ZIMMER is one of the most successful, influential and prolific film composers of his generation.

Having won countless awards (including an Oscar accompanied by an embarrassment of academy nominations).

HZ’s scores have underscored a generation of hugely successful films, that have turned over billions of dollars, countless awards and critical acclaim.

Hans has defined not only a compositional style, but also production approach and sonic innovation that has influenced a generation of composers.

Spitfire Audio are delighted and honoured to present a series of products produced by Hans Zimmer and his diamond class team of grammy winning engineers, musicians and technicians.
Spitfire Audio非常高兴和荣幸地向大家展示由Hans Zimmer和他的钻石级团队制作的一系列产品,这些团队由格莱美获奖的工程师、音乐家和技术人员组成。

Where Hans Zimmer’s style approach to sonic creation is often copied or emulated we’re proud to present to the world at large HZ’s definitive take on his trailblazing approach to cinematic percussion production.
Hans Zimmer的风格方法的声音创作经常被复制或模仿,我们很自豪地向世界呈现HZ的权威采取他的开创性方法的电影打击乐生产。

Herein lies not an emulation or synthesis of his approach, but a recreation.

The same studio, musicians, instruments, signal chain and talented engineers, sitting alongside a decade of experience, innovation and refinement overseen in every detail by Hans himself.

The same excruciating attention to detail, perfection but most importantly the endless choice for tweakability and customisation you’d expect of such a well decorated sound-smith.


Recorded at Air Studios via an impressive signal chain.

96 rarefied microphones, into Neve Montserrat pre-amps, the world’s biggest Neve 88R desk (which was exhaustively re-gained at every dynamic layer for optimum signal quality), via a dual chain to HDX and Prism converters running at 192k.
96个精细化麦克风,通过双链连接HDX和运行在192k的Prism转换器,进入Neve Montserrat前置放大器,世界上最大的Neve 88R办公桌(在每个动态层竭尽全力重新获得最佳信号质量)。

Well over 30 TB of raw material from these sessions alone.
光是这些环节就有超过30 TB的原材料。

The London Solos sessions features Frank Ricotti;
伦敦独唱会有弗兰克·里科蒂(Frank Ricotti);

the cream of Hans Zimmer’s hand picked percussion corps playing a distillation of a decade’s worth of musical experimentation and innovation.

This is not an imitation of techniques explored in films including Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight and Inception.

It is a truthful recreation.

This library perfectly blends with the ensembles volume (#1) but many users favour this volume for detailed cinematic percussion parts.

Hans loves the quiet hits, so special detail has been afforded to the lower dynamics, for intriguing and engaging patterns full of life and humanity.

As proven in Volume 1 where you put the mic makes a huge difference to the sound, so this volume too consists of a number microphone positions (as detailed below) mixed in stereo by Grammy and Oscar winning composer/producer/engineers: Hans Zimmer, Alan Meyerson and Geoff Foster.
正如在第一卷中所证明的那样,当你放置麦克风时,声音会有很大的不同,所以这个卷也是由麦克风位置的数字组成(如下所示),由格莱美奖和奥斯卡奖得主作曲家/制作人/工程师Hans Zimmer, Alan Meyerson和Geoff Foster立体声混合而成。

We have recorded the following drums and articulations each with up to 9 round robins and 6 dynamic layers per hit, at Air Studios through the finest microphones, the finest Neve pre-amps into the Neve 88R desk via prism AD converters at 196k 32 bit floating point (which we have SRC’d to 24bit 48k).
我们记录了以下鼓和连接每个高达9轮知更鸟和6动态层/冲击,在空气工作室通过最好的麦克风,最好的冰原前置到冰原88 r桌子通过棱镜AD转换器在196 k 32位浮点(我们有SRC 24位48 k)。