Tropical Hits Sessions is a diverse collection of samples suitable for production of Tropical House, Future House, Pop, Reggaeton, Moombah, Nu Disco but everything with that sunshine feeling which causes goose bumps!
Tropical Hits Sessions是一个不同的样本集合,适合制作Tropical House, Future House, Pop, Reggaeton, Moombah, Nu Disco,但所有的阳光感觉都会让人起鸡皮疙瘩!

In detail expect to find 1.4 Gb of wav samples at 100 BPM including 160 One Shots, 80 Drum Loops, 30 Guitar Loops, 60 Melody Loops, 90 Midi Files, 30 Synth Bass Loops, 30 Live Bass Loops, 30 Voice Loops, 65 Effects, 260 Rex2 Files, 12 Sampler Patches + Promo & Discount Folder.
详细地期望在100 BPM下找到1.4 Gb的wav样本,包括160个One Shots, 80个鼓循环,30个吉他循环,60个旋律循环,90个Midi文件,30个Synth Bass循环,30个Live Bass循环,30个语音循环,65个特效,260个Rex2文件,12个采样器补丁+促销和折扣文件夹。

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不要错过折扣促销码强大的VST/AU插件从Singomakers – Fatmaker,踢微调和魔术音响!

For all these amazing guitar loops Singomakers used Real American vintage Fender Stratocaster recorded through vintage Fender amplifier and all this spiced up with Universal Audio 1176LN classic limiting amplifier.
对于所有这些惊人的吉他循环,Singomakers使用真正的美国复古Fender Stratocaster记录通过复古Fender放大器和这一切与通用音频1176LN经典限制放大器。

Check demo track of Tropical Hits Sessions, calm your goose bumps and download your copy of this amazing sample pack ASAP!
检查演示轨道热带Hits Sessions,冷静你的鸡皮疙瘩和下载这个惊人的样本包尽快拷贝!

1.4 Gb100 BPM160 One Shots (Snares, Snaps, Rides, Perc, Kicks, Hats, Crashes, Claps)
1.4 Gb100 BPM160一次性射击(圈套,抓拍,骑,Perc,踢,帽子,碰撞,拍手)

80 Drum Loops30 Guitar Loops60 Melody Loops90 Midi Files30 Synth Bass Loops30
80鼓环30吉他环60旋律环90 Midi文件30合成低音环30

Live Bass Loops30 Voice Loops65 Effects260 Rex2 Files12
Live Bass Loops30 Voice Loops65 Effects260 Rex2 Files12

Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt2+ & NNXT
电池采样器补丁,EXS24, Kontakt2+ & NNXT