The music industry never stops and is constantly evolving, and now artists of the Hard Scene have created a new sound, a new style – PSYSTYLE.
音乐产业从未停止,并不断发展,现在Hard Scene的艺术家们创造了一种新的声音,一种新的风格- PSYSTYLE。

This is a nuclear fusion of Hardstyle and Psy Trance.

Bass lines from Psy, Rawstyle Screeches, Epic Hardstyle Themes and Hard Dance Energy!

Inspired by music from Toneshifterz, Audiofreq, Sub Zero Project, Noisecontrollers, TNT, E-Force, D-Block, Genox and more.
灵感来自Toneshifterz, Audiofreq, Sub Zero Project, Noisecontrollers, TNT, E-Force, D-Block, Genox等音乐。

Now there is no need to be torn between PSY and Hardstyle dance floors as both genres become one – Psystyle!
现在没有必要在PSY和Hardstyle的舞池之间纠结,因为这两种类型已经成为了一个- PSY !

Several famous hardstyle artists have already released Psystyle tracks and it looks like it’s gonna be the next trend in the music industry.

In detail expect to find 1,9 Gb 24 bit wav of Ultra inspiration at 150 BPM including 230 Psystyle One Shots, 62 Bass Loops, 66 Synth Loops, 65 Melody Loops, 102 Sampler Patches, 50 Drum Loops, 31 Fills & Build-Ups, 57 Midi Loops, 274 Rex2 Files, 80 SFX, 20 Vocal Shouts, + !
详细地期望在150 BPM下找到1,9 Gb 24位wav的Ultra灵感,包括230 Psystyle One Shots, 62个低音循环,66个Synth循环,65个旋律循环,102个采样器补丁,50个鼓循环,31个填充和构建,57个Midi循环,274个Rex2文件,80个SFX, 20个声乐呐喊,+ !

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