‘Ultimate House Sax’ by Singomakers is a great collection of fresh new samples dedicated to the highlight of Deep House, Funky House, Nu Jazz and Chillout music – Saxophone Melodies!

This collection comes in at 502 MB, and contains 10 Saxophone Kits with 244 Sax loops!
这个集合在502 MB,并包含10个萨克斯风套件与244萨克斯循环!

Within ‘Ultimate House Sax’ you will find Dry loops, alongside processed and “ready to use” loops!
在“Ultimate House Sax”中,你会发现干燥循环,以及已处理和“准备使用”循环!

In Detail:

Expect to find 10 Kits, including sax loops in scale C#, D#m, F#, Gm, F#m, Em, D#, Cm.
期望找到10个套件,包括sax循环在规模c#, d# m, f#, Gm, f# m, Em, d#, Cm。

All parts recorded in a professional studio with perfect Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone, plus Vacuum Tube preamp Avalon VT 747 and Class-A Program EQ, giving warmth and perfect quality of sound!
所有部分都在专业录音室录制,配有完美的森海塞尔MKH 416麦克风,加上真空管前置放大器阿瓦隆VT 747和a级程序EQ,为您带来温暖和完美的音质!

If you’re looking for a truly authentic House Sax sample pack for Deep House, Funky House, Chillout music, Afro, Latin House, Nu Jazz, then check out the demo and sample ‘Ultimate House Sax’ today!

Product Contains:

10 Saxaphone Kits

122 Saxaphone Loops

Dry and Processed Loops

126 BPM
126 BPM

123 REX2 Files
123 REX2文件

Total 367 Files

Scales C#, D#m, F#, Gm, F#m, Em, D# and Cm
刻度c#, d# m, f#, Gm, f# m, Em, d#和Cm

Please Note:

This Sample pack contains Saxaphone samples only, other sounds within the Demo are for illustration purposes only.