REZONE Strikes back with Vol 2 of the bestselling sample pack “EDM POWER PACK”!

This amazing product includes everything you need to create your next EDM Super Hit!

EDM Power Pack produced by REZONE, author of bestselling “Swedish House Mega Pack Vol. 1” and Vol. 2.
由REZONE生产的EDM电源包,畅销书“瑞典住宅Mega Pack卷1”和卷2的作者。

and Vol 3!

So be sure to find here only HQ samples from this rising up artist of ULTRA, EMI, Toolroom, SKINT, Big & Dirty, Black Hole Recordings, BugEyed, Magik Muzik and other reputable labels!
所以一定要在这里找到只有总部样本从ULTRA, EMI, Toolroom, SKINT, Big & Dirty,黑洞录音,BugEyed, Magik Muzik和其他信誉良好的标签!

In detail you should expect to find a 1.26 GB (Unzipped) collection of 24Bit quality samples including 160 Phat Drum Hits, 60 Anthemic Melody Loops, 40 Phat Bass Loops, 60 Punchy Drum Loops, 50 Modulated Sound FX, 100 MIDI Melodies, 20 Patches for NI Massive & Sylenth1, 28 Sampler Patches, 13 Vocal Shouts and 160 Rex Files!
详细地说,你应该期望找到一个1.26 GB (unzip)的24位质量样本集合,包括160 Phat Drum Hits, 60 Anthemic旋律循环,40 Phat Bass循环,60 Punchy Drum循环,50调制声音FX, 100 MIDI旋律,20补丁NI Massive & Sylenth1, 28采样补丁,13声呼喊和160 Rex文件!

EDM Power Pack sound has inspired artists such as Hardwell, Avicii, Dimitiri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero, Nari & Milani, Dyro, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Thomas Gold, Dannic , Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Alesso, David Guetta and a lot more – to produce some of the most memorable and popular House music of recent years.
EDM Power Pack声音激发了诸如Hardwell, Avicii, Dimitiri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero, Nari & Milani, Dyro, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Thomas Gold, Dannic, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Alesso, David Guetta等艺术家的灵感,制作了近年来最令人难忘和流行的House音乐。

For production of this outstanding sample pack REZONE used Virus TI Polar 2, Moog Voyager, Korg Radias and MS 2000B with warm, phat processing on analog Avalon VT 747 with Tube signal pass and Class A EQ, Manley Passive EQ and some great DSP plugins from UAD-2!
为了生产这个优秀的样本包REZONE使用病毒TI Polar 2,穆格旅行者,Korg Radias和MS 2000B与温暖,phat处理模拟阿瓦隆VT 747管信号传递和A级EQ,曼利被动EQ和一些伟大的DSP插件从UAD-2!

Capture the most popular and influential sound of Dance Music in a single package with EDM Power Pack Vol. 2 from Singomakers today – this Exclusive collection of fresh sounds and samples is destined to grace countless future classic tracks in the House genre – check out the demo and get it while it’s hot!
从Singomakers今天的EDM Power Pack Vol. 2单包中捕获最受欢迎和最有影响力的舞蹈音乐声音-这独家收集的新鲜声音和样本注定会在House类型中优雅无数未来的经典曲目-检查演示,趁它热!

Tech Specs:

24 Bit Quality

1.26 gb


40 Bass Loops

60 Drum Loops

50 FX

60 Melody Loops

160 One Shots

13 Vocal Shouts

160 Rex2 Files
160 Rex2文件

100 MIDI Files
100 MIDI文件

10 NI Massive Bass & Synth Patches
10 NI大量低音和合成补丁

1 FXB Sylenth Bank containing 10 Presets
1 FXB Sylenth银行包含10个预设

28 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Kontakt 2+, Halion and EXS24
28软采样器补丁NNXT, Kontakt 2+, Halion和EXS24

126 bpm