This EZX presents the perfect mosaic of drums for any production that calls for an extra bit of that grisly, ghastly and raw tint of dark rock, post-punk and goth.

Where better to capture just that than in its very cradle, where pioneering acts like Bauhaus, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cult and many others struck chords that moved enough air to not only start a wave but also shape an entire sub-culture in its backwash?
在包豪斯(Bauhaus)、回声和兔子人(Echo & the Bunnymen)、邪教(the Cult)等先锋行为的摇篮里,它们不仅掀起了一波浪潮,还塑造了整个亚文化。还有什么地方比它的摇篮更好地捕捉这一点呢?

Welcome to the Into the Dark EZX and Rockfield, the world-famous Welsh dairy farm-turned-into-studio that has played an immense role in rock as we know it.

The Into the Dark EZX was recorded by multiple award-winning producer/mixer Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Pixies, Royal Blood) and drummer Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung).
Into The Dark EZX由多次获奖的制作人/混音师Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Pixies, Royal Blood)和鼓手Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung)录制。

It comes with three full drum kits as well as a bespoke set of cymbals and extra instruments derived from the Fields of Rock SDX.

With the drums, the broad collection of presets engineered by Tom Dalgety as well as the custom MIDI library by Mat Hector, expect to get immersed in a monochrome journey that encapsulates the entire dark rock greyscale – from the blaring, raw and rebellious tones of post-punk to the dark, gruesome and macabre hue of industrial-tinged new wave and goth.
随着鼓声,由Tom Dalgety设计的广泛预设集以及Mat Hector的定制MIDI库,期望沉浸在一个单色的旅程中,它包含了整个黑暗摇滚的灰色-从喧嚣,原始和叛逆的后朋克音调到黑暗,可怕的工业色调的新浪潮和哥特色调。

Just like an image would appear one-dimensional without shadows, a proper rock song would fall flat without some true grit.

Are you ready to head into the dark?

Enter at your own risk.


– Three drum kits as well as a selection of extra instruments and cymbals

– Features mix-ready sounds inspired by dark rock, post-punk and goth

– Recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios in the UK

– Produced and engineered by Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Pixies, Opeth, Royal Blood)
-由Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Pixies, Opeth, Royal Blood)制作和设计

– Sampled by Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung)
– Mat Hector采样(Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung)

– Comes with presets engineered by Tom Dalgety and MIDI performed by Mat Hector
-附带由Tom Dalgety和MIDI由Mat Hector执行的预设