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The Future Dimension Of Virtual Instruments

Chris Hein – OCTA is a musical workhorse that is incredibly adaptable and easy to be inspired by.
克里斯海因- OCTA是一个音乐的主力,是令人难以置信的适应性和容易受到启发。

The technical idea behind the instrument’s chameleon character, which allows it to function as a solo instrument or an ensemble of 8 instruments, is called Mega Structure.
它具有变色龙般的特点,既可以作为独奏乐器,也可以作为8件乐器的合奏,其技术理念被称为“Mega Structure”。

– 100 High Quality Solo Instruments
– 100高质量的独奏乐器

– 8 Core Multi Channel Instruments
– 8核心多通道仪器

– 8 Channel Sequencer
– 8频道音序器

The true beauty of this instrument resides in the odd way it inspires you to improvise, whether you’re writing an underscore or the main theme – after all, improvisation is the foundation of music composition – regardless of how complex your programability may be.

Feel free to go through every detail of OCTA’s functionality, however we recommend starting by playing around with your keyboard to tap into its beautiful lyrical nature and find hidden treasures along the way.

– 64 Acoustic Instruments
– 64种声学乐器

– 32 Carefully selected Synths
– 32个精心挑选的合成人

– 4 Percussion Sets with 1500 Samples
– 4个敲击组,1500个样品

Chris Hein – OCTA is a collection of 100 meticulously sampled instruments.
克里斯海因- OCTA是一个收集了100个精心采样的仪器。

This may initially look like a little collection, but as you explore its aural potential you’ll realize that more would be unnecessary.

8-Channel Multi Instruments

The notational and aural possibilities expand when up to 8 core instruments are placed in their respective channels.

You can create anything from tapestries of flying harmonies wind swept through the expansive field of sky-scaping legato strings to the most delicate, strangely mixed acoustic instruments to deep sea droning mass.

OCTA is comparable to an amethyst stone that, as you gaze deeper into it, reveals ever-richer rainbows of color.

Unique controls per channel:- Chord Type

– Transpose

– Tune

– Playing Type

– Individual audio outputs

– Individual Keyrange with fade in and fade out

– Envelope

– Velocity dynamic controls

– Keyswitches to activate channelsComprehensive 8-Core Sequenzer

The built-in sequencer is the heart of Chris Hein – OCTA.
内置音序器是克里斯海因- OCTA的心脏。

Simply play anything, from a single note to powerful chords, and the sequencer will perfectly match your pace and chord progression.

Combining the strength of the channel strip parameters and effects with this extremely programmable rhythmic instrument allows you to get as creative as you like.

Despite how complicated it may seem, after only a few minutes of learning, it becomes incredibly simple to use.

The sound magic comes to shine when you combine and layer different instruments.

The basic idea of Chris Hein – OCTA is, to combine up to 8 sound sources to create new sonic experiences.
Chris Hein – OCTA的基本理念是,结合多达8个声源来创造新的声音体验。

Imagine a wooden attack from a Marimba, combined with the metallic sustain of a Vibraphone, the possibilities are almost endless.

Also included: 8 instruments from the „Chris Hein – EASY Series“

Each of the EASY instruments contains 16 acoustic instruments with a variety of sub presets and a clean and simple interface with most important editing features.

If you need a great sounding, pure instrument like the Vibraphone, the Grand Marimba or the unique MyTube, the EASY instruments are the perfect choice.
如果你需要一个伟大的声音,纯粹的乐器,如颤音琴,大马林巴或独特的MyTube, EASY乐器是完美的选择。

Works with Free Kontakt Player v6.7.1 or higher!