If you’ve ever struggled to distinguish yourself in the EDM scene, create a sound that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, or discover who you are as an artist…

Then mastering sound design is KEY.

And here’s the truth about it all:

You may not be able to grasp every advanced sound design technique you need to know in a week, especially if you’re trying to learn everything on your own.

BUT… you can start making strides to mastering sound design RIGHT NOW and finally create a sound that helps you stand out!

One that actually helps you get noticed in the crowded world of EDM.


► Excision, Kill the Noise & Barely Alive Influenced Basses That Brings Top Level Sound Design to YOUR Production

: It’s no secret that we’re known for our basses, and when we meticulously crafted these, we made sure each and every one not only met our high standards, but completely surpassed them.

It took the hard work of 8 different, but incredibly talented sound designers to carefully construct these basses using their own unique style.

So every single bass turned out not only diverse and special, but also used advanced sound design techniques, such as double FM and double filters.

This means you’ll be equipped with a HUGE catalog of advanced, heavy basses that can be used instantly and fit into your mix easily.

► FX Patches to Create Intense Build Ups

: We studied hundreds of different Dubstep tracks to see what kind of FX made the big songs go off.

Then we took all these different ideas and worked on a set of FX patches that not only help you create high energy build ups, but also allow the customization you need to make each one fit your track.

► Panda Eyes & Zomboy Style Leads Perfect for Creating Heavy Melodies

: When we set out to create these leads, we didn’t just want you to be stuck with a few variations of the same leads.

We wanted to make sure each lead had it’s own life and character that will give you inspiration the second you hear each patch.

► Multi-layered Arps that Sound Absolutely Incredible

: Almost every big producer uses arps to create movement, variation, or to add a unique twist to a song.

So, we wanted to give Nuclear a set of high energy, multi-dimensional Arps that the Dubstep genre needs to keep things exciting!

► Lush and Melodic Pads to Add Emotion to Your Tracks:

A large portion of what makes a Dubstep track amazing comes from the way the song makes you feel.

Which is why we included airy and spacious pads that are perfect for creating deep moving tones when you add them into any of your tracks.

► Highly Versatile Plucks Perfect for Any Occasion

: No producer just makes one specific sound these days.

Producers are constantly pushing the boundaries of genres which is why we’ve included wide variety of plucks.

You’ll be able to take your song into whole new direction with these melodic patches whether it be using a pluck as a background melody, or letting it take the lead during a drop.


Cymatics – Shapeshift Noise Osc Samples for Serum
Cymatics -血清的变形噪声Osc样品

Cymatics – Single Cycle Waveforms for Serum
Cymatics -血清单周期波形

Cymatics – Shapeshift Noise Osc Sample Tutorial Video
Cymatics -变形噪声Osc样本教程视频

Cymatics – Single Cycle Waveforms Tutorial Video
Cymatics -单周期波形教程视频

Cymatics Nuclear FL Sudio and Ableton Project Files
Cymatics核FL Sudio和Ableton项目文件

Now a standard in each Cymatics pack, they have provided a large array of projects for you to study and reverse engineer.

With the projects available in Ableton, FL, and Logic, a large majority of producers will have access to these upon purchase.
随着Ableton, FL和Logic的项目可用,绝大多数生产者将在购买时访问这些。

I know a lot of people learn through others, and this is a great way to learn from professionals.

Each project is fully written and mixed, giving insight as to how to arrange a drop, write a musical section, and how to get a good, clean, and professional sound.

FL Sudio Project Files:
FL Sudio项目文件:

Cymatics – Chicken Dance – FL Studio Project
Cymatics -鸡舞- FL工作室项目

Cymatics – Nuclear – FL Studio Project
Cymatics -核- FL工作室项目

Cymatics – Radioactive – FL Studio Project
Cymatics -放射性- FL工作室项目

Cymatics – Stalker – FL Studio Project
Cymatics -潜行者- FL工作室项目

Cymatics – Too Loud – FL Studio Project
Cymatics -太大声- FL工作室项目

Ableton Project Files:

Cymatics – Radioactive – Ableton Project
Cymatics -放射性- Ableton项目

Cymatics – Too Loud – Ableton Project
Cymatics – Too Loud – Ableton项目

Cymatics – Chicken Dance – Ableton Project
Cymatics -鸡舞- Ableton项目

Cymatics – Nuclear – Ableton Project
Cymatics -核- Ableton项目

Cymatics – Stalker – Ableton Project
Cymatics – Stalker – Ableton项目