This SFX library is not for the faint-hearted, it’s pure evil and terrifying.

We’ve had the great pleasure to co-produce our new SFX library with one of Hollywood’s horror genre expert and sound designer / editor Richard Adrian, whose reference list includes films such as The Hills Have Eyes, Gothika, Thir13en Ghosts, Ghost Ship, House Of Wax, Haunted Hill, Mirrors etc.
我们很高兴能与好莱坞的恐怖类型专家和声音设计师/编辑理查德·阿德里安(Richard Adrian)共同制作我们的新SFX库,他的参考名单包括《山有眼睛》、《Gothika》、《Thir13en幽灵》、《鬼船》、《蜡屋》、《鬼山》、《镜子》等电影。

Besides these horror stories, Adrian also worked on other great productions such as 8 Mile, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Æon Flux, Swordfish, Four Brothers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and many more.
除了这些恐怖故事,Adrian还参与了其他伟大的作品,如《8英里》,《黑客帝国》,《黑客帝国》,《Æon Flux》,《剑鱼》,《Four Brothers》,《Kiss Kiss Bang Bang》等等。

Adrian, who is a self-entitled BOOM Library fan himself, poured his priceless knowledge and creativity into this frightful library to supercharge it with his passion and excellence in the horror genre.

Intense and perfidious in character, it creeps under your skin, imbues your senses, depicts your hidden fears.

Warning: once listened to, it may take residence in you and diffuse into your cells.

Imagine a graveyard at night, a haunted old house, torture and intimidation or anything else that evokes your deepest anxieties.

The CINEMATIC HORROR is your packet full of awfully great new sounds for sceneries of fright and terror: it’s full of extremes, shockers, impacts, stingers, whooshes, drones and more.

Take those SFX by the horns and use the wild screams, mad laughter, vocal choirs, creaks, squeaks and groans to produce new shockers and jump-scares!

The CONSTRUCTION KIT holds more than 12GB high-quality source recordings and the DESIGNED version comes with more than 500 predesigned, “ready to use” sounds.
CONSTRUCTION KIT拥有超过12GB的高质量源录音,设计版配有500多种预先设计的“随时可用”声音。

The BUNDLE not only allows full flexibility, but also gives you a benefit in price.

Shake your audience to the core and take them right into the center of mere panic, fright, and terror with our new CINEMATIC HORROR!

370+ files, 1.700+ sounds | 96kHz/24bit, WAV | XXGB
370+文件,1.700+声音| 96kHz/24bit, WAV | XXGB

The bundle contains both, the CONSTRUCTION KIT and the DESIGNED edition.