The Synclavier V faithfully recreates the elite digital synthesizer/workstation that started it all, powering some of the biggest hits and film soundtracks of the early ‘80s with its unique rich, edgy sounds.
Synclavier V忠实地再现了开始这一切的精英数字合成器/工作站,以其独特的丰富、前卫的声音为80年代早期的一些最热门的歌曲和电影配乐提供了动力。

If you were to ask anyone back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s to name the Holy Grail of synthesizers, the most revered of them all was New England Digital’s Synclavier.

Its unique combination of additive synthesis and frequency modulation delivered a creative edge to the privileged few keyboardists, producers, film composers and sound designers who could afford systems that ranged from $13k to $400k.

Some of those rock-solid systems are still in use today.

Arturia has recreated this highly revered hit maker in partnership with original programmer Cameron Jones, delivering the immense rich textures and creative palette of this vintage instrument, while dramatically improving it to let you blaze new musical trails today with sounds never heard before.
Arturia与原始程序员Cameron Jones合作重新创造了这一备受尊敬的hit maker,提供了这一古老乐器的巨大丰富的纹理和创造性调色板,同时戏剧性地改进它,让您在今天与从未听说过的声音开创新的音乐道路。

There’s simply nothing else like the powerhouse sound of the Synclavier V. No synth arsenal is complete without it.
没有什么能像Synclavier v的强大声音一样,没有它,synth兵工厂是完整的。

There’s no hint of analog or samples here—this is the sound of unabashed digital synthesis in all its glory.

While it can certainly create unique mellow tones, this vintage flagship is more known for its distinctive digital character ranging from edgy to eardrum-ripping brash to intergalactic.

It’s especially ideal for extended pads and slow cinematic, ambient soundscapes.

Plus, we’ve invested in significant updates that make the Synclavier V a thoroughly modern instrument with sounds that set it—and you—completely apart.
此外,我们已经投资了重大的更新,使Synclavier V一个完全现代的乐器的声音,使它和你完全不同。

Hundreds of presets from the world’s top sound designers tame the unparalleled power of the Synclavier V and place it at all your fingertips for instant inspiration and easy customization.
数百个预设从世界顶级的声音设计师驯服的Synclavier V的无与伦比的力量,把它放在所有您的指尖即时灵感和容易定制。

While you’ll get tons of love from Synclavier V’s presets alone, there’s a universe of sonic adventures waiting just beneath the surface whenever you’re ready.
虽然你会得到大量的爱从Synclavier V的预设,有一个宇宙的声音冒险等在表面下,只要你准备好了。

The unique sound of the Synclavier V comes from its blend of additive and FM synthesis, with control over 24 additive harmonics on both the carrier and modulation oscillators.
Synclavier V的独特声音来自于它的加性和调频合成的混合,在载波和调制振荡器上控制超过24加性谐波。

Where the original instrument let you mix four uniquely programmed Partials Timbres in a Timbre preset, Arturia’s recreation has twelve, boosting your creative possibilities exponentially.

The Time Slice engine allows complex evolutions of the sound over time—even several minutes if you want.
时间切片(Time Slice)引擎允许声音随时间变化的复杂演变,如果你想的话,甚至可以持续几分钟。

Programming the Synclavier V is a study in elegance.
为Synclavier V编程是一项优雅的研究。

Three different interface views let you choose the depth of control that best suits your needs.

The Synclavier V lets you realize the dream of an entire stunning synth orchestra with just one plugin.
Synclavier V让你实现整个令人惊叹的合成乐团的梦想,只需一个插件。


Bug fixes

Saving an user preset after changing its name now correctly updates it instead of creating a new one

Harmonic phases on carrier and modulator don’t randomly change anymore when set at maximum values

Windows OS only : sample files with unicode characters can now be drag-and-dropped and loaded on sample player