Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE is Arturia’s love letter to the legendary BBD – or “bucket brigade device” – that created a revolution in time-based modulation effects.

During the 70s, more and more audio effects turned to the compact, reliable BBD technology to create chorus and flange effects, but it really shined in creating an iconic, filtered lo-fi delay sound that’s still loved by musicians and music lovers to this day.

One of the first, and certainly the greatest BBD delays was the Memory Man, and the slightly redesigned Deluxe Memory Man created by effects pioneers Electro-Harmonix in the mid-70s.
最早的,当然也是最严重的bdd延迟之一是Memory Man,以及由效果先锋electric harmonix在70年代中期设计的稍微重新设计的Deluxe Memory Man。

Guitarists and record engineers loved its unique sound: a dark, filtered bark that was worlds apart from traditional tape delays.

We based the Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE on this legendary pedal, so you can enjoy its driven feedback and “rusty” tone in your own productions.

Using our exclusive TAE® and Phi® modelling technologies, we have analyzed many classic BBD circuits that made this effect so famous, and created an authentic, analog-sounding tribute to these vintage legends.

The legendary Electro-Harmonix pedal has been used by countless famous and influential musicians for over half a century, from guitar royalty to experimental producers alike.

It’s graced the pedalboards of Dave “The Edge” Evans, Omar Rodríguez-López, Dave Grohl, Joe Perry, and Eric Johnson.
它装点了Dave“the Edge”Evans, Omar Rodríguez-López, Dave Grohl, Joe Perry和Eric Johnson的踏板。

It’s essential to the production of electronic artists like Tobacco and KiNK.

It’s adored by contemporary visionaries like Jack Conte and Feist.

How will you use this awesome BBD?


Some notes about the plugins – testing in Ableton Live 10 some of the VST3 plugins crash when you delete them from a track, this is a problem for legit users too.
关于插件的一些注意事项——在Ableton Live 10中测试一些VST3插件时,当你从轨道中删除它们时,它们会崩溃,这对合法用户也是一个问题。

VST and AU are not affected despite the AU wrapping the VST3 plugin – more reason to just switch to AU full time so you can use Live 10.1.4 too.
VST和AU不受影响,尽管AU包装了VST3插件-更多的理由只是切换到AU全职,这样你也可以使用Live 10.1.4。

AAX is working as it is wrapping the VST3 in Library/Arturia/PRODUCT NAME.
AAX正在工作,因为它将VST3包装在Library/Arturia/PRODUCT NAME中。

Do not remove Arturia Software Center.

Make sure to read instructions carefully – CASHMERE