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Hear and see the ingenious result of a chance discovery.

The definition of “unique sounds” – 8 one of a kind acoustic sculptures.

Perfect for Horror Scoring or any Audio Production which is in need of some breathtaking never before heard sounds.


A collection of deeply sampled custom built instruments, which we call sculptures.

Perfect for Horror Scoring or any Audio Production which is in need of some breathtaking never before heard sounds.

All the organic sounds within the library are produced by 8 different sculptures created by Bulgarian sculptor Martian Tabakov.

We recorded those strange and charismatic sounds while “playing” on each of those sculptures with a number of different mallets, sticks, brushes and of course, bows.

Afterwards we processed them and arranged the performances into production ready loops and musical sound effects, while treating each sound like an articulation you would find in one of our orchestral collections.

Due to that ARCHITECTURE OF SOUND is still a playable virtual collection and not just a pile of oneshot samples.
因此,《ARCHITECTURE OF SOUND》仍然是一个可玩的虚拟集合,而不只是一堆昙花一现的样本。

Built for the full version of Native Instrument’s Kontakt ARCHITECTURE OF SOUND can be further tweaked and customized thanks to the brandnew UI, which is based on our X3M Percussion Engine.

The ARCHITECTURE OF SOUND library consists of a single template patch with which you are able to build your own music soundscapes and effects.
ARCHITECTURE OF SOUND库包含一个模板补丁,你可以用它来构建自己的音乐声景和效果。

The playing range of the keyboard is split into two categories: Tonal and Atonal sounds.

On the lowest two octaves of the keyboard (C0 and C1) you have 4 atonal zones, which can be used to load and play any of the percussive sounds within the library from the browser in the center of the GUI.

Those 4 zones are functioning the same way any of our other X3M engine libraries do – any of the keys within a zone is cycling through the round robins of the selected instrument.

After the mentioned 4 percussion zones, there are two more tonal zones, each with a range of 2 octaves: first tonal zone starting at C2, and the second one – at C4.

On each of those you are able to choose, load and play any of the tonal instruments, divided into 7 different categories – Drones, Drones 2 (Sound design), Tonal Percs, Bells, Bends, Reverses, Loops.

The content of the library was recorded in Sofia Session Studio A with 3 microphone positions – Close, Decca and Hall.
库的内容是在Sofia Session Studio A用3个麦克风位置录制的——Close, Decca和Hall。

For each of those, you have the option to Purge (the ON/OFF button), Solo or Mute.

In addition, you can adjust the volume and the stereo width.


– 8 one of a kind accoustic musical sculptures played and recorded in an ambient hall
– 8种声学音乐雕塑在一个环境大厅播放和记录

– Over 100 curated unique sounds split among different categories like Loops, Booms, Hits, Scrapes, Drones, Tonal Perc, Bells and Reversed
-超过100个策划独特的声音分裂在不同的类别,如循环,boom, Hits, Scrapes,无人机,色调Perc,铃铛和反转

– Production ready content as well as organic and raw material

– 3 Microphone Positions (Close, Decca, Hall)
– 3个麦克风位置(关闭,台卡,大厅)

– Playable Patches with multiple Dynamic Layers and Round Robins

– Further processing made simple thanks to a brandnew custom built UI

– Map your own Template Patches using the X3M Percussion Browser and Mapping Features


Native Instruments Kontakt 6.6.1+ FULL version required – FREE Player NOT SUPPORTED
本地仪器Kontakt 6.6.1+完整版本需要-免费播放器不支持

Approximately 15GB – ~7.3GB for the archive files, and ~7.6 GB for the unpacked library
大约15GB -归档文件约7.3GB,解压缩库约7.6 GB

4GB of RAM
4 gb的内存