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Ample Bass Acoustic is a virtual acoustic bass instrument based on samples of a Guild B-54 CE Acoustic Bass.
充足的低音声是基于公会B-54 CE声学低音样本的虚拟声低音乐器。

System Requirements:

* Windows: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only (32-bit not supported).
* Windows: Windows 7/8/10,仅64位(不支持32位)。

* Mac: 10.9 or newer.
* Mac: 10.9或更新版本。

* VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone host.
* VST2, VST3, AU, AAX和独立主机。

* 10 GB Hard Disk, Intel i5 or higher.
* 10gb硬盘,Intel i5或更高。


* ABA has a 4.89 GB sample library which is naturally recorded on every single fret.
* ABA有4.89 GB的样本库,这是自然记录在每一个单一的烦恼。

No destructive editing and dynamic processing are applied.

* Features 12 articulations: Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Pop & Slap and Dead Note.

* The Legato articulations can be used to achieve legato notes of any duration, speed, pitch and polyphony.

* Alternate Tuning: Ample Acoustic Bass supports alternate tunings to the lowest note B0.


* New sample engine applied to both plugged and unplugged

* ABA is designed from the ground up to be the most versatile bass virtual instrument available today with a new level of expressiveness.
* ABA是设计从地面上是最通用的低音虚拟乐器可用的今天一个新的表达水平。

ABA not only performs as an extraordinary acoustic instrument by playback partially from mic samples, but also as an electric instrument by playback partially from DI samples, creating a more dynamic and subtle playing experience.

Furthermore, users can mix and process Mics and DI separately to get a variety of sound.

* Multiple stereo and mono modes

* For Mic part, ABA provides two stereo and two mono modes.

Users can adjust volumes of mics and width to get more options in stereo mode, in which ABA has rich expressiveness even for solo.

For mono modes, ABA can play an important role of middle-low end in a band steadily.

* Tab Player

* Redesigned Tab Player for bass tab.

All articulations and notations are supported by the tab player.

Realistic Tab playback can be achieved through fine parameter adjustments and humanizations.

* Multiple Capo Logics – providing various options of automatic fingering logic to cover different performance such as solo, chorus, and so on.


* String Roll Editor: can clearly show fingering, articulation, expression, and even playing noise.

Every note has 8 attributes – pitch, velocity, length, off velocity, articulation, legato, vibrato and bend, with which you can make a delicate lick.

* Dice – Random Riff Generator: A click will create a new inspiration because it is not simply a random algorithm.

Rather, it summarizes the rules through analyzing a bunch of music scores.


* High order 8-band EQ, intuitive control of frequency response, real-time visualization of input and output spectrum, support of soloing single band..

* 2-Line Compressor, real-time visualization of input and output signal, two detection modes RMS & Peak, support of soft knee, auto release and auto makeup.
* 2线压缩机,输入输出信号实时可视化,RMS和Peak两种检测模式,支持软膝,自动释放和自动上妆。

* 6-Tap Echo, real-time visualization of the processing of stereo signal, can tweak the parameters of 6 echo points individually: feedback, pan, volume etc.
* 6- tap Echo,实时可视化处理立体声信号,可单独调整6个回声点的参数:反馈、平移、音量等。

* IR Reverb, providing four types of IR: Room, Studio, Hall, and Larger Hall. 3D visualization of IR spectrum.