Diamond Jazz Orchestra

A comprehensive Studio Jazz Orchestra right at your fingertips!

Inspired by all the iconic jazz and swing musicians, we want to help you travel back in time and become one with the greats’ minds.

Relive some of the emotions the genre has inspired in several generations of fans and start creating your own treasure trove of musical gems easily with our DIAMOND Jazz Orchestra.

The whole genre of Jazz has always been close to our hearts.

After the success of JADE Ethnic Orchestra, we wanted to see if our approach to recording organic and raw performances would also yield the same outstanding results for a Studio Jazz and Pop Orchestra sound.

DIAMOND Jazz Orchestra is therefore the consequence of our “Ethnic Orchestra” and “Afflatus” Series combining both approaches and filling a big gap on the market of virtual instruments.

We cannot wait to show you more of this collection in action, and if you can’t wait – why don’t you check out our DIAMOND Jazz Trio Freebie right now?!

One of the most requested features from our users has been consistency among the recorded articulations.

DIAMOND not only has that;

it also has more articulations than we have ever sampled before across the entire collection including multiple different lengths for short articulations (staccatissimo, staccato, marcato), but also different vibrato playing techniques and effects for maximum flexibility and realism when performing with the included instruments.

Of course, we also made sure to record the same articulations again with different mutes for the brass section and soloists and on top infused the true legato performances with our renowned Poylphonic True Legato from our Choirs and Afflatus: Strings.
当然,我们也确保为铜管部分和独奏者再次录制了不同的静音,并注入了我们著名的合唱团和Afflatus: Strings的多音体真实连奏表演。

The final result is a collection of virtual instruments not only suited for Jazz and Pop, but also for Orchestral arrangements within a less ambient setting.


– 74GB of compressed content
– 74GB压缩内容

– Instant Jazz and Pop Studio sound inspired by iconic jazz and swing musicians

– Vast collection of Ensemble & Solo Brass, Saxophones & Winds, Percussion, Guitars and a Piano

– Harmon and Cup Mutes for the Brass Instruments

– Consistent set of articulations (True Legato, Multiple Lengths of Shorts and Vibrato Styles)

– New experimental patches like Ghost Staccatissimos & Sustain Crescendos

– All content recorded with multiple Round-Robins and within multiple dynamic layers

– 2 mic positions – Close & Room + custom convolution reverb
– 2麦克风位置-关闭和房间+自定义卷积混响

– Strezov Sampling’s renowned Polyphonic True legato Sampling with intelligent voice leading
– Strezov Sampling著名的Polyphonic True legato采样与智能语音领先

– Integrated Help

– Additional functions like “Velocity Dynamic Influencer” known from Strezov Sampling’s acclaimed choirs and Afflatus Series
附加功能,如Strezov Sampling广受好评的合唱团和Afflatus系列中的“Velocity Dynamic Influencer”