Syntronik 2 sets the new standard in modern virtual synthesizers.
Syntronik 2奠定了现代虚拟合成器的新标准。

IK’s advanced sampling techniques, combined with a hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine, power a comprehensive collection of rare and sought-after synths with stunning sonic accuracy and the deepest editing.

This is a massive update to the previous release, adding 11 new synths, exciting new, advanced, and much-requested functionality, and a huge number of all-new presets for the 22 original synths taking advantage of all these new features.

Syntronik 2 offers 33 legendary synths available in 4 different versions or as individual instruments.
Syntronik 2提供了33种传奇合成器,可在4个不同的版本或作为单独的乐器。

There are over 5,500 presets that cover a wide range of sounds from 54 of the most iconic to ultra-rare vintage synthesizers.

For fans of the original version, all of the Syntronik and Syntronik Deluxe legacy presets are also included and sound identical in Syntronik 2.
对于原始版本的粉丝,所有的Syntronik和Syntronik豪华legacy预置也包括和声音相同的Syntronik 2。

Capturing each synthesizer’s DNA

To accurately reproduce timeless machines from Moog, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, ARP, Roland and Yamaha, sampling their sound-generating oscillators is the only way to ensure truly authentic results.
为了准确地再现Moog、Oberheim、Sequential Circuits、ARP、Roland和Yamaha的永恒机器,对它们的声音产生振荡器进行采样是确保真正真实结果的唯一方法。

We captured multiple round-robins of single oscillators, oscillator combinations (including sync and FM sweeps) to reach more than 300,000 samples and over 200 GB.
我们捕获了多个单振荡器、振荡器组合(包括同步和FM扫描)的循环周期,达到30多万个样本和超过200 GB。

Hybrid synthesis architecture

For highly flexible sound manipulation, while maintaining the exact sound of the original hardware, our synth engine now includes circuit-level models of the 4 best sounding filters ever: the Moog transistor ladder, Roland’s IR3109 chip, the famous Curtis CEM3320 chip and the Oberheim SEM state variable filter.
对于高度灵活的声音操作,同时保持原始硬件的准确声音,我们的合成引擎现在包含了4个最好的声音滤波器的电路级模型:Moog晶体管梯子,Roland的IR3109芯片,著名的Curtis CEM3320芯片和Oberheim SEM状态变量滤波器。

Syntronik 2 also provides powerful digital filters like Formant and Phase filters that can take the analog source oscillators into new sonic dimensions.
Syntronik 2还提供了强大的数字滤波器,如共振峰和相位滤波器,可以将模拟源振荡器带入新的声音维度。

New advanced Edit panel

Syntronik 2 adds a new Edit panel with many new features users have been requesting.
Syntronik 2增加了一个新的编辑面板,具有许多用户一直要求的新功能。

There are per-oscillator DRIFT controls, extended envelopes and LFOs along with a programmable modulation matrix.

Plus a new Wave Set Browser that lets you choose the sound for each of up to 4 oscillators and 2 suboscillators per preset for a new level of sound design.
再加上一个新的Wave Set浏览器,可以让你选择多达4个振荡器和2个副振荡器的每个预设的声音,以达到一个新的声音设计水平。

DRIFT™ technology

IK’s DRIFT technology varies the phase, color and pitch of the sampled oscillators to keep them moving just like the real analog oscillators do.

Much more than simple detuning or even multiple-source modulation, DRIFT emulates the way real analog circuits behave over time.

The result is the unmistakable sound of analog that is the origin of any classic synthesizer sound.

An arsenal of effects

Syntronik 2 comes with 71 exciting effects derived from our popular T-RackS 5 mix and mastering suite, MixBox processors and AmpliTube 5 guitar workstation.
Syntronik 2具有71个令人兴奋的效果源自我们流行的T-RackS 5混音和精通套件,MixBox处理器和AmpliTube 5吉他工作站。

5 effects can be simultaneously inserted on every instrument via a “lunchbox-style” interface, which offers immediate visualization and editing of every parameter from within a single, convenient location.

4 synths are better than 1

An easy-to-use layering interface lets you quickly map and play up to 4 different synthesizer parts simultaneously, as well as create advanced splits for maximum flexibility and live performance, while a brand-new controller filter tab for Syntronik 2 offers detailed filtering of sustain, PB, MW and AT per part for unparalleled sound design.
易于使用的分层界面可以让您快速映射并同时播放多达4个不同的合成器部件,以及创建先进的分裂,以最大的灵活性和现场性能,而Syntronik 2全新的控制器滤波器选项卡提供了每个部件的支撑,PB, MW和AT的详细滤波,以实现无与伦比的声音设计。

Dynamic arpeggiators

The 4 synthesizer parts in Syntronik 2 feature a powerful note and chord arpeggiator, each with its own assignable range and settings as well as the ability to store them for instant recall.
Syntronik 2中的4个合成器部件具有强大的音符和和弦琶音,每个都有自己的可分配范围和设置,以及存储它们的能力,以即时回忆。

Along with a new step sequencer, this allows you to build complex rhythmic textures and sequences with extreme ease and inspiring effectiveness.

Find sounds faster

An advanced browser offers fast and convenient navigation of Syntronik 2’s vast library of presets to let you find the right sounds in an instant.
先进的浏览器提供了快速方便的导航Syntronik 2的庞大预设库,让您在瞬间找到正确的声音。

You can browse the content by instrument or search for single sounds.

Refine your search using keywords and sort instruments by category, character and type.

You can also rate your favorite sounds to find them in a flash.

What’s New

Syntronik 2 features more gear, more control and more presets to raise your programming skills and creativity to the next level, all while enjoying the most accurate recreation of legendary synths possible.
Syntronik 2具有更多的齿轮,更多的控制和更多的预设,以提高您的编程技能和创造力到下一个水平,同时享受传奇合成人可能的最准确的再现。

Here’s what’s new:

11 new synths based on rare and sought-after models.

See all the new gear in Syntronik 2
查看Syntronik 2中的所有新装备

3,300 new presets for all 33 synths including the 22 original synths from Syntronik and Syntronik Deluxe

New presets use the updated SampleTank 4* engine
新的预设使用更新的SampleTank 4*引擎

All legacy presets and samples included sound identical to Syntronik 1 with our dual-engine architecture
所有遗留的预设和样本包括声音相同的Syntronik 1与我们的双引擎架构

Wave Set Browser lets you choose the sound in each of up to 4 oscillators and 2 suboscillators per preset
Wave Set Browser让你在每个预设的多达4个振荡器和2个子振荡器中选择声音

New EDIT panel with modulation matrix offers deep editing beyond the capabilities of the original hardware synths

New Step Sequencer in the PLAYER panel for flexible and expressive rhythmic textures

Controller Filters in the MULTI panel let you filter out sustain pedal, pitch bend, mod wheel and aftertouch for each of the 4 Parts

33 new effects (71 total effects including the stellar Vintage Plate reverb)

Disk streaming lets you load presets faster and can be adjusted to match your drive type

All synths work as libraries inside SampleTank 4 alongside SampleTron 2, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Cinekinetik, Electromagnetik, etc.
所有合成器作为库在SampleTank 4与SampleTron 2, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Cinekinetik, Electromagnetik等。

Syntronik 2 features
Syntronik 2的特性

33 powerful synths with familiar panel designs and easy-to-use controls

A collection of 54 iconic hardware synthesizers and string machines

Multi-sampled oscillators for ultimate authenticity

4 classic types of circuit-modeled filters to shape sounds

DRIFT™ technology for realism of subtle oscillator variations

Mix and match oscillators with filters for new original sounds

True 4-part synth to create rich sounds with Multis and splits

4 dynamic arpeggiators and new step sequencer for complex rhythmic textures

71 high-quality effects derived from T-RackS, MixBox and AmpliTube
71高质量的效果来自T-RackS, MixBox和AmpliTube

More than 200 GB of sounds with disk streaming and over 5,500 presets

Browser search by category or keyword to find sounds in seconds

Optimized resizable interface and “lunchbox-style” effects panel

Load Syntronik sounds into SampleTank 4* for more expandability
加载Syntronik声音到SampleTank 4*更可扩展

Works as a 64-bit plug-in or standalone instrument for Mac/PC

Fully functional free Syntronik CS version also available
功能齐全的Syntronik CS版本也可用

System Requirements

Standalone and 64-bit plug-in.

Requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System.

Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo macOS 10.10 or later.
最小:Intel®酷睿™2 Duo macOS 10.10或更高版本。

Minimal: Apple Silicon Processor M1 macOS 11 or later.
最小:苹果硅处理器M1 macOS 11或更高版本。

Requires: an OpenGL 2 compatible graphics adapter.

Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): Audio Units, VST, VST3.
支持的插件格式(64位):Audio Units、VST、VST3。