We are very excited to present a new version of our best seller library Alchemist Cinematic Impacts.

ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Impacts is boosted by an updated version of our acclaimed ALCHEMIST 2 engine featuring important improvements and bugfixes and support for the TouchOSC controller.
ALCHEMIST 2电影冲击是由我们著名的ALCHEMIST 2引擎的更新版本,具有重要的改进和错误修复和TouchOSC控制器的支持。

+ Two Instruments:

– Alchemist 2 Cinematic Impacts 2: 2.4GB of brand new sample material and 300 of new snapshots powered by the new ALCHEMIST 2 engine.

– Alchemist 2 Cinematic Impacts 1: All samples (1.6GB) and snapshots (195) of the first version of Alchemist Impacts powered by the new ALCHEMIST 2 engine.

+ 900+ high-quality WAV total samples.
+ 900+高质量的WAV总样品。

+ 6 layers.
+ 6层。

+ 495 pre-programmed Snapshots.
+ 495个预编程快照。

+ Main Engine: Individual layer controls for pitch, volume, pan, solo, mute, effects bypass, layer lock, adsr, layer boost and cut, pan and amp LFO send.
+主引擎:单个层控制pitch, volume, pan, solo, mute,效果旁路,层锁定,adsr,层推进和削减,pan和放大器LFO发送。

+ Powerful randomize function.

+ Dedicated Motion Engine: Arpeggiator, Pan and Amp LFO.

+ Dedicated Color Engine: 200 convolution Impulse Responses, Randomize function.

+ Dedicated Effect Engine: skreamer, lo-fi, chorus, tape saturation, delay, and distortion (controlled by the modulation wheel).
+专用效果引擎:skreamer, lo-fi,合唱,磁带饱和,延迟,失真(由调制轮控制)。

+ Dedicated Eq Engine

+ TouchOSC compatibility and custom template.
+ TouchOSC兼容性和自定义模板。

What’s new in the updated ALCHEMIST 2 Engine:- Support for the Midi/OSC controller TouchOSC (free ALCHEMIST 2 template included)
更新ALCHEMIST 2引擎的新内容:-支持Midi/OSC控制器TouchOSC(免费ALCHEMIST 2模板包括)

– Added in the Main Engine two useful controls for the Volume LFO and Pan LFO that let you engage the LFO on the fly with a click of the mouse

– Added in the Color Engine for each convolver the “Prev/Next” buttons to easily navigate through the different Impulse Responses

Requires FULL version of Kontakt 5.6 and above!
需要完整版的Kontakt 5.6和以上!