The ultimate sound and groove workstation.

The SampleTank 3 interface is divided into 3 main “environments” for layering, mixing and editing sounds and grooves.
SampleTank 3界面分为3个主要的“环境”,用于分层、混合和编辑声音和凹槽。

We’ve taken the main aspects of the music production workflow and separated them into 3 main functional environments: the “Play” interface, the “Mix” interface and the “Edit” interface.

The PLAY page will be immediately familiar to SampleTank users: On the left is the browser where you load Multis (previously known as Combis), Instruments and Patterns.

On the right is the Part Viewer where you can see the contents of each Part and adjust its most basic parameters.

SampleTank 3 lets you load multiple MIDI patterns in each Part.
SampleTank 3允许您在每个Part中加载多个MIDI模式。

Now you can build inspiring grooves directly within the software and play them at will.

The Live tab lets you bring SampleTank 3 on stage with you easier by giving you a clean way to organize your performances by set lists and Song, letting you have your sounds ready to play instantly with its smart loading management system.
Live选项卡让你把SampleTank 3在舞台上与你更容易给你一个干净的方式来组织你的表演通过集列表和歌曲,让你有你的声音准备播放与它的智能加载管理系统立即。

The MIX page provides a traditional mixer interface with 5 effects slots for each channel.

There are 21 channels in all: 16 channels for each Part, 4 returns for global “send effects” (like reverb and delay) and a master channel.

This arrangement lets you get extremely creative – you can have up to 30 effects on a single instrument!

The EDIT page provides full access to SampleTank 3’s powerful synthesizer engine.
EDIT页面提供了对SampleTank 3强大的合成器引擎的完全访问。

There you can run your samples through everything from envelopes to LFOs to filters – And speaking of filters, SampleTank 3 features 10 new filter types for extreme sonic sculpting.
在那里,你可以运行你的样品通过一切从信封到LFOs过滤器-说到过滤器,SampleTank 3具有10种新的过滤器类型的极端声波雕刻。

SampleTank 3 now supports direct integration with iRig Pads, IK’s ultra-portable MIDI groove controller.
SampleTank 3现在支持与iRig Pads直接集成,IK的超便携MIDI沟槽控制器。

Plug in your iRig Pads (or other pad-based MIDI controller) and you can take advantage of SampleTank’s Pad interface, which lets you assign SampleTank 3’s 16 parts to the 16 pads on your controller for a seamless and tactile “out-of-the-box” music production experience.
插入您的iRig Pad(或其他基于Pad的MIDI控制器),您可以利用SampleTank的Pad界面,这让您将SampleTank 3的16个部件分配到控制器上的16个Pad,以获得无缝和触觉上的“开箱即用”的音乐制作体验。