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Elite Orchestral Forces

Size may be king in the natural world but sometimes the real power lies beneath the surface.

After all, some of the tiniest insects are hardwired to floor a six-ton elephant.

This latent symbiotic power comes to the fore in the same way with Metropolis Ark 4 – Elite Orchestral Forces, which integrates various approaches from the previous three collections, performed to perfection by the Metropolis Orchestra.
这种潜在的共生力量以与大都会方舟4 -精英管弦乐力量相同的方式显现出来,它整合了前三个系列的各种方法,由大都会管弦乐队完美演绎。

The sections are not small – they are sharply focused like the Maschinenmensch robot in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, all unbridled expressive energy and singularity of purpose.

Similarly, the mixed wind sections are not instrumental sections in the conventional sense, but rather special blends of colors that come together to create a broad palette of virtual instrumentation.

All performed and mixed in such a way that the listener perceives them as a single sound.

Just like the oppressive calm before a returning storm, the sound is always powerful and aggressive.

The dynamic range goes from pianississimo to fortississimo, but the underlying force and bite is always there – every whisper is a controlled scream.

This time around, we have special high energy articulations – Power Legato, Martele Sets, Overblown Winds, Overpressure Strings – designed to harness the raw power behind the professional sheen.

As well as the strong rhythmic and melodic articulation sets, Metropolis Ark 4 provides the building blocks for creating striking orchestral effects and textures.
除了强烈的节奏和旋律清晰度设置,Metropolis Ark 4提供了创建引人注目的管弦乐效果和纹理的基石。

Shaped by their rough surroundings, these sounds are edgy, offbeat and expressionistic.

Metropolis Ark 4 includes an impressive array of High, Mid and Low String Sections for you to choose from, not to mention 10 Mixed Brass & Woodwinds Sections.

With a Melodic Percussion Ensemble, Tuned Timpani & Tom Ensemble and a whole host of Percussion and Drum Ensembles at hand to harness the rhythms.

And for that additional emotional charge, there is a Women’s and Men’s Choir at your fingertips.

As with previous collections, Metropolis Ark 4 was recorded at the sublime Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.
与之前的收藏一样,Metropolis Ark 4是在柏林崇高的Teldex Scoring Stage录制的。

The distinctively balanced room – neither too wet nor too dry, and with the finest microphones from the last five decades at its disposal – takes our Berlin Series and Metropolis Ark Series to a whole new level.

– The Front Row of the Metropolis Series

– Focused Section Sizes

– Ten Unique Woodwind and Brass Blends

– Women and Men Choir

– Extensive Matelé Sets (accented fff articulations) for many sections

– Extrem Dynamic Ranges
– extreme动态范围

– Extrem Articulations – Overblown / Overpressure

– Introducing Power Legato

– Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin

– Thanks to consistent mic setups and recording environment all Metropolis Ark Collections blend together perfectly
-多亏了一致的麦克风设置和录音环境,所有Metropolis Ark系列完美地融合在一起

– Based on CAPSULE for Kontakt

– 98 GB of Samples (47 GB NCW compressed)
– 98 GB样品(47 GB NCW压缩)

– 24Bit / 48KHz Patches
– 24Bit / 48KHz补丁

KONTAKT 5 FULL version 5.8.1 and above is required
KONTAKT 5完整版本5.8.1及以上是必需的